Hotel water treatment

The hotel is under tremendous pressure and it is the most relaxing place for every customer. With a series of water applications provided by the hotel, providing good quality water is essential to enhance the customer experience. Whether it is the water quality of the swimming pool/hot spring pool, drinking water or coffee water, pure water is the important service to meet the needs of customers.

Water treatment systems are needed if the hotel guests want to drink clean water. It is needed only in the rooms located directly above the hotel restaurant, so that the tourists can enjoy fresh water and food in all its deliciousness. It is also needed to ensure clean water for the kitchen and showers in hotels that provide a restaurant or a coffee shop. It is even needed to ensure clean water for the bathrooms and shower heads in hotels as well. The water treatment systems must be able to process water containing different elements in order to ensure clean water and pure clean water for the hotel guests.

Here’s a look at some of the water treatment systems that is commonly used in hotel:

1. reverse osmosis systems
which is the most widely used equipment in hotels because the treated water can be drunk directly to meet the health needs of customers, purified water treated by reverse osmosis can also be used to make tea or coffee.

2. Pretreatment system, by removing large particles of impurities, to remove odor, the shop kitchen can be used to cook, wash vegetables, wash fruit.

3. filter + UV, you can remove turbidity, sterilization, so that customers with clean water shower.

4. Water softening, through the softening system t to reduce the hardness of water.

5. Water desalination system. Most hotels are close to the sea and the salinity of the water is very high. We can use our desalination system to remove the salinity.