Pre Filtration Water Treatment

Water pretreatment can remove suspended impurities, solids, colloids and living organisms in raw water. These processes ensure that your water quality is not affected by seasonal changes, extreme weather or industrial pollution. Traditional water pretreatment refers to the process used to treat water or wastewater before entering the membrane separation process (MSP). Sand filtration and activated carbon filtration are the most basic filtration of water treatment.

It can be used alone or in combination with different equipment, such as reverse osmosis equipment or ultrafiltration equipment or nanofiltration equipment.

Our water treatment technology is developed by technical and industry experts who ensure that these multifunctional systems meet increasingly stringent requirements. Flocculation and coagulation processes are commonly used for water pretreatment to remove particles that cannot be removed by sedimentation or filtration. Filtration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and nanofiltration processes and reverse osmosis are used to filter out particles and ions of various sizes, allowing pure water to flow through.

Ro Agua pressure filters filter clean water by removing suspended particles, unpleasant odors and odors, turbidity, sediments, iron and unwanted colors, all of which are common in surface waters. If you have any questions about this, please contact us immediately at [email protected].