Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

Ro Agua Industrial Water builds professional Reverse Osmosis systems designed specifically for your industrial water treatment needs. We offer a wide array of pre-engineered and custom industrial reverse osmosis systems, ranging in capacity from 28,000 to 1,000,000 GPD. Catered to meet every industrial water treatment need and application, these energy efficient industrial RO units produce high-quality water at an affordable cost.


Commercial and industrial reverse osmosis has a wide range of applications, mainly for food companies, hotels, restaurants, schools, water plants, medicine, etc. Industrial Reverse Osmosis systems remove up to 99.9% of salts and contaminates from different impure feed water sources including municipal, brackish and surface water. The system blocks bacteria, particles, sugars, proteins, dyes, and impurities that encompass a molecular weight of more than 150-250 Dalton.


Ro Agua provides reverse osmosis system with different flow rates. It can treat raw water of different quality with TDS less than 2000ppm. Our industrial RO systems are manufactured to deliver high quality water under the most stringent requirements of ongoing operation and corrosive conditions. These RO units are first-rate systems engineered to provide the most cutting-edge solutions that the water treatment industry can offer.  For more information,you can contact us at [email protected]. We will respond within 24 hours.