Although the quality of our life is constantly improving, water pollution is also very serious because of the increasing severity of industrial pollution. Compare the tap water of today with that of ten years ago, it can be found that water pollution is quite serious, so if we want to drink pure and healthy water, we currently have to use reverse osmosis water treatment systems after treatment can be assured to use.

Agua RO is a more than 10 year water treatment supplier that produces purified water for domestic, commercial and industrial uses through state-of-the-art water treatment systems, helping customers in different industries. Our system has been carefully designed to provide very good performance, different water quality for customers to provide a complete set of solutions.

From communicating with customers about the purpose of purified water, to analyzing customers’raw water quality reports, to providing design flow charts based on the customers’needs, and then providing the equipment and machinery to design the relevant matching, to the production equipment, through the safe means of transport to different customers, the final can provide door-to-door installation or online guidance installation, to solve customer after-sales problems.

Water treatment is used in a wide range of applications. The following are the different industries in which our water treatment plant is often supplied.