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We are specialists in water treatment, one stop solution.

We understand

Nobody understands your processes better than you do.

Through the experience of our highly skilled engineers, we provide a complete treatment solutions. Our services range from laboratory testing and CAD design to professional installation and final commissioning.

We listen

Nobody understands your processes better than you do.

Therefore, by working in partnership with our valued clients, our engineer will work closely with you and analysis raw water quality. We can provide unparalleled performance. In addition, the operation is trouble-free and the cost of ownership or lease is minimized. Options can be used for multiple industries and applications.

We Fast

Time is efficiency.

We will make fast response regarding for your message within 24hours. And fast Delivery within 7-15days for your urgent order.

We deliver

We successfully deliver affordable treatment systems, time and time again.

All system was packed by film and wooden cause and don’t damage during transportation. Whether you are installing a new plant and equipment or upgrading an existing system, our team of experts can provide support and advice. Every step.

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Bottled water

Through a full complete reverse osmosis system to achieve drink

Beverage industry

It takes a lot of pure water to make a drink.


Water for vegetable irrigation and animal drinking.


For Spa, Bath, tea and coffee drinking water.


For cooking and drinking water.


Seawater desalination is an open source water conservation project, which can produce domestic and drinking water.


Extract medicine required by large infusion, injection, pharmac

Municipal water

Water for life in cities and towns.

Disaster area

Rapid provision of water for people in disaster-stricken areas.




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the machine was of good quality, its was packed well for transportation and no damage was found. The testing of the first one has been very good and the system product what its was supposed to do.

henry garayc
Name:henry garayc| From Country:UK Purchase Product:commercial RO system

merci beaucoup, tout est parfait.

Name:HALLIER David| From Country:France Purchase Product:domestic RO system

Nice build quality. The system produces water with 6-7ppm, same as large industrial ones.

Albert Mandela
Name:Albert Mandela| From Country:Kenya Purchase Product:home commercial RO machine

Short reviews are my favourite, if a product is good you don't have to write a novel about its problems. This is one of those reviews. This product is perfect, thats it. We got this to improve the quality of our water because tap water is questionable given the lack of responsibility our governments have shown in recent years. Having this in place gave us peace-of-mind knowing that our bodies are getting the best quality water possible. Coming from a science background i can say everything checks out. The concept, filtration method, and filter quality are all top notch. There are 3 water filters in this system on top of the RO membrane and main sediment filter. All oversize and good quality.  RO storage tanks while epoxy powder coated on the outside have a polypropylene liner on the inside to insulate the water from any contaminants. This is fine since Polypropylene is very safe but in the event that it adds even a slight taste to the water AGUA decided it best to rid the water of all possible contaminants and use a post tank carbon filter which really is nice to see. This would be what i consider 'above and beyond' expectations.

Josef Licari
Name:Josef Licari| From Country:Philippine Purchase Product:home water treatment machine