Since its inception in the water treatment industry, Ro Agua has been customer-oriented, listening to the voice of customers, providing quality water treatment equipment and accessories to consumers around the world. We treat every job and every customer with the same respect and importance, whether the whole complete design industrial system needs to be upgraded or the accessories need to be replaced. Our goal is to purify every drop of water and enjoy a good life. Here are some of our valued customers’ comments on our services, experience and water treatment products they have purchased.

Albert Mandela
Name : Albert Mandela From Country : Kenya Purchase Product : home commercial RO machine

Nice build quality. The system produces water with 6-7ppm, same as large industrial ones.

Josef Licari
Name : Josef Licari From Country : Philippine Purchase Product : home water treatment machine

Short reviews are my favourite, if a product is good you don’t have to write a novel about its problems. This is one of those reviews. This product is perfect, thats it.

We got this to improve the quality of our water because tap water is questionable given the lack of responsibility our governments have shown in recent years. Having this in place gave us peace-of-mind knowing that our bodies are getting the best quality water possible. Coming from a science background i can say everything checks out. The concept, filtration method, and filter quality are all top notch. There are 3 water filters in this system on top of the RO membrane and main sediment filter. All oversize and good quality.  RO storage tanks while epoxy powder coated on the outside have a polypropylene liner on the inside to insulate the water from any contaminants. This is fine since Polypropylene is very safe but in the event that it adds even a slight taste to the water AGUA decided it best to rid the water of all possible contaminants and use a post tank carbon filter which really is nice to see. This would be what i consider ‘above and beyond’ expectations.

Hugo Vidal
Name : Hugo Vidal From Country : Chile Purchase Product : home RO water treatment machine

I have done business with AUGA several time and i highly recommend them to anyone they have done a great job shipping on time and the product quality is good.

Chinyere ajah
Name : Chinyere ajah From Country : Nigeria Purchase Product : home RO system

Excellent customer service product is as indicated will review further once I start utilizing it.

Rosemary Njuguna
Name : Rosemary Njuguna From Country : Chile Purchase Product : commercial RO system

Everything was good with my first experience. Jane is a great person, very kind and worked hard with my order trying to have all under control and at a time, thank you.

Rush Tapson
Name : Rush Tapson From Country : USA Purchase Product : reverse osmosis Ro system 250LPH

Waited a few weeks before reviewing… now I have been drinking the water for a few weeks, I must say I really like it.

I am on a well that was dug last year at 160ft. My water is very hard and has over 700ppm of minerals but is otherwise great quality, no bacteria, no iron or other difficult to treat problems, just very mineral like it was expected in my area. So I installed a water softener to get the hardness down to less than one grain…in order to get ready for RO.

I was looking for a good quality RO system made in China. My most important criteria was to get a real Dow membrane which this model has. So, on to this RO unit…

Now, my input is over 700ppm of dissolved solids (varies between 700 and 720)… when I measure the output of this system, it hovers around 20ppm… now that is a 97.3% rejection by the membrane… good job Dow Filmtec … That is why I wanted an American made membrane…

Victor Joe
Name : Victor Joe From Country : Peru Purchase Product : 500LPH RO system

Satisfecho con odo el servicio, gracias.

Name : HALLIER David From Country : France Purchase Product : domestic RO system

merci beaucoup, tout est parfait.

henry garayc
Name : henry garayc From Country : UK Purchase Product : commercial RO system

the machine was of good quality, its was packed well for transportation and no damage was found. The testing of the first one has been very good and the system product what its was supposed to do.