How to clean reverse osmosis membranes offline

May 17, 2023     Posted by :

As a deep filtration means, reverse osmosis membrane will inevitably have colloids, microorganisms, impurity particles and insoluble salts precipitated on its surface

What are water hardness and alkalinity? What is the relationship between them?

May 11, 2023     Posted by :

When designing a water softening system, the hardness (YD) and alkalinity (JD) of the water are two common and important parameters, what do they mean? And what is the relationship between them?

What are the applications of the water treatment system in the pharmaceutical industry?

May 2, 2023     Posted by :

Water treatment systems are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure water quality meets stringent regulations as pharmacological products are developed

Why more and more places need to use water treatment equipment?

April 25, 2023     Posted by :

Our daily use of tap water through a variety of filtration, removal of large particles in the water and sterilization means, by the water plant to test the water can meet the national standards

What are the reasons why EDI water system is easily damaged?

April 18, 2023     Posted by :

EDI water system module life is limited, whether it is imported or domestic EDI, we all know that when used normally, EDI water system life is about 3-5 years.

What are the factors that affect the operation of water filtration system?

April 11, 2023     Posted by :

The operation of the general water filtration system is: the operation of the water flow from the top down through the filter layer to remove the suspended matter in the water

What are the working principles and characteristics of the package sewage treatment plant?

April 3, 2023     Posted by :

The package sewage treatment plant includes eight main units of water distribution, reaction, sedimentation, filtration, water collection, mud collection and automatic backwashing

What are the benefits of the Kangen Water machine?

March 30, 2023     Posted by :

How to calculate the dosing amount of RO Antiscalants chemical?

March 27, 2023     Posted by :

RO Antiscalants chemical is generally added in the security filter of reverse osmosis system, that is, before the precision filter.

What are the various reasons why reverse osmosis membranes become shorter in service life?

March 22, 2023     Posted by :

RO reverse osmosis membrane pore size is as small as nanometer (1 nanometer = 10*-9 meters), under a certain pressure, water molecules can pass through the RO membrane

What is the failure analysis of industrial reverse osmosis system can not start?

March 8, 2023     Posted by :

The placement of industrial reverse osmosis system requires high environmental requirements, first of all, the location of the common desktop reverse osmosis system can be placed on a flat bench, the entire system should be left near enough space to connect the water pipe, power supply and replacement supplies.

20 questions to take you deeper understanding of the water treatment industry

February 28, 2023     Posted by :

20 questions to take you deeper understanding of the water treatment industry

What is the service life of water softener resin?

February 21, 2023     Posted by :

water softener resin is a resin used to soften hard water, removing calcium and magnesium ions from the water to soften the water.

What is the role of reverse osmosis membrane pretreatment system?

February 13, 2023     Posted by :

RO (reverse osmosis) system includes raw water pretreatment system, reverse osmosis host and post-treatment, and RO (reverse osmosis) system has specific requirements for raw water pretreatment system.

How does reverse osmosis equipment back pressure occur and how can it be avoided?

December 14, 2022     Posted by :

What is back pressure?  In reverse osmosis water treatment, back pressure refers to a situation where the pressure on the product water side is greater than the pressure on the feed water side

How to maintain the reverse osmosis plant during downtime?

November 29, 2022     Posted by :

In the use of reverse osmosis plants for water treatment, usually due to various reasons resulting in reverse osmosis plants can not run continuously for a long period of time

What are the factors affecting the price of RO plant

November 19, 2022     Posted by :

RO plant compact structure, easy maintenance, a small total area, high water production rate.

What are the different methods of pretreatment technology before running a reverse osmosis plant?

November 17, 2022     Posted by :

The high-pressure pump of the reverse osmosis plant may cause the unit to malfunction even if there is a very short interruption in operation.

What do you want to know about reverse osmosis concentrated water treatment ideas and process options?

November 15, 2022     Posted by :

The main problem of reverse osmosis concentrated water is high calcium and magnesium plasma content and high hardness.

What is the difference between pure drinking water and mineral water and what process is used?

November 9, 2022     Posted by :

Drinking pure water and mineral water are two kinds of water commonly consumed in daily life.

What is the role of activated carbon in purifying water?

November 4, 2022     Posted by :

Activated carbon is a common filter media in water treatment, it is used in household water purification and industrial water treatment

What are the methods of drinking water disinfection?

November 2, 2022     Posted by :

disinfection, rural drinking water disinfection sterilization algae; food disinfection, residential living community drinking water.

How to regenerate and replace the water softener boiler?

October 31, 2022     Posted by :

So water softener boiler feed water becomes very necessary! The water softener boiler resin has a service life, so how to regenerate and replace it?

How to reduce the conductivity of the water, these methods can be tried!

October 29, 2022     Posted by :

Conductivity is due to the fact that water contains various dissolved salts and exists in the form of ions.

5-8 steps to teach you how to do-it-yourself water purifier cartridge replacement, save money and effort

October 27, 2022     Posted by :

The water purifier has been filtered for a long time, and it will inevitably become dirty. So, how to replace the filter element of the water purifier?

History of desalination, current situation, and future development prospects

October 25, 2022     Posted by :

The effective way to utilize seawater resources now is through desalination technology

What are the common fault analysis and troubleshooting of home RO system?

October 21, 2022     Posted by :

The home RO system is a common kitchen appliance in small appliances, often used in daily life, in the use of the process of failure, no one wants to encounter things, only to solve the problem, in order to continue to use it, therefore, we just need to learn some of its common failures and methods of treatment!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration (UF) technology in water treatment?

October 18, 2022     Posted by :

At present, in the water industry market, ultrafiltration (UF) technology has been widely used in industrial wastewater treatment fields such as electric power, steel, and chemical industry.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of MBR membrane process in wastewater treatment?

October 14, 2022     Posted by :

In the treatment of high-concentration wastewater, the MBR membrane process is much more effective than the physical treatment methods of the past