Ultrafiltration System

In many cases, ultrafiltration is used for pre-filtration in reverse osmosis (RO) plants to protect RO membranes. The ultrafiltration process is currently limited by the high cost caused by membrane fouling and replacement. Additional pretreatment of the feed water is required to prevent excessive damage to the membrane unit.

Ultrafiltration can remove most organic molecules and viruses, as well as a series of salts. It is so popular because it produces stable water quality regardless of the source water that has a compact physical footprint. Ultrafiltration can remove 90-100% of pathogens. In addition to cleaning the membrane, it does not require chemicals.

Ro Agua provides a comprehensive application development plan to help our customers determine the actual ultrafiltration membrane performance for their specific application. Custom membrane development is also suitable for customers with unique professional processing applications. Please contact us for more information about ultrafiltration membranes and available products. You will receive a personal response from one of our experienced team members within 24 hours.