Municipal water is called tap water by many people. In most parts of the country, water is supplied to industry and households through the use of extensive underground pipelines. Although municipal water is unclean and healthy for drinking as purified and filtered water, it is still treated and treated to ensure that it meets drinking water standards already by a group of EPA.

It is important to consider the quality of municipal water because it is used for bathing, cooking, and sometimes even drinking. Even if you consume little municipal water, you will almost certainly use it at some time or other. Knowing the quality of the water can help you determine how often municipal water should be used and whether you should invest in filters or purification systems.

Agua RO can provide high-quality solutions for municipal water treatment industry. Whether the task involves scarce water resources, health-related issues, or meeting environmental requirements, municipal officials around the world depend on our expertise in municipal water treatment.

The following models are our most popular water treatment equipment:

1. Domestic RO system(50GPD, 75GPD, 100GPD)
2. Commercial RO system (200GPD, 300GPD, 400GPD, 500GPD, 600GPD and 800GPD
3. Reverse osmosis host(125LPH, 250LPH, 500LPH and 1000LPH)
4. Complete set RO machine( from 250lph to 10TPH)