Water Ionizer

The most basic definition of a water treatment machine is an instrument that filters tap water, and what a water purifier does is to filter this part. But now with our ever-increasing requirements for quality of life and health, do we just need an instrument to filter impurities? No, just like mobile phones, people’s demand for him is getting higher and higher, and the water that enters the body, we need better water.


The ROAGUA water Ionizer machine is equipped with a purification system. First, the water is purified and processed. On the basis of cleanness and safety, the electrolytic plate made of titanium platinum material is used for further processing. In addition to filtering impurities in the water, it also improves the function of the water, so as to achieve the following list. Good water standard as defined by the World Health Organization.


The water ionizer by the electrolytic water machine through the electrolysis cell is not only beneficial to the human body, but also very useful in life. It is also very convenient, allowing people to drink healthy and high-quality water at any time. Compared with bottled water and Bottled water is safer and saves families a fortune.