75GPD home purified reverse osmosis water filtration


Its update model design for skid reverse osmosis water filtration with pressure gauge.

The reverse osmosis water filtration will most definitely become your most favorite household appliance. The best solution offers the same healthy benefits like clean fresh water that you will get from your Reverse Osmosis Water System, you can be rest assured that your drinking water is clean, clear and healthy.

Product Benefit

  • Maintenance is convenience and low cost
  • Wholesale factory price
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • Salt Reject rate up to 99%

Product Feature

  • Top brand Ro membrane
  • Automatic Shut-off Valve, Mini Flow Restrictor, Check Valve.
  • Good quality of high pressure pump no high noise
  • Completely Assembled.
  • Full 5stage/6stage Filter set
  • 100% Factory Tested Read before shipment


  • Recommended for ice-making, tea and coffee, baby formula, pet feeding, beauty, washing.
  • Kitchen compact, perfect for families of all sizes, and will easily fit into any under counter space
  • This system will improve the aesthetics of water used for drinking and cooking
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