Pharmaceutical Water-RO system+EDI system-UK

Output Capacity: 2000LPH
Feed water flow:4000LPH
Recovery rate: ≥90%


Application:Pharmaceutical use for ultra pure water
Source water: tap water
TDS of source water:200-400ppm
Pure water conductivity: 18.2MΩ.
Voltage: 380v, 50HZ 3P

The customer is a pharmaceutical company, need to purchase our equipment to produce ultra-pure water.

Because of the water quality requirements are very strict, so we have used double pass reverse osmosis + EDI equipment to complete.

Below is feed water quality request before EDI:
1.Inlet water :1.conductivity less than 10us/cm)
2.hardness ≤1ppm(by CaCO3) matter :TOC when <0.5ppm,can not be checked
4.heavy metal: ion< 0.01ppm Fe 、Mn 、transitional metals
5.silicon < 0.5ppm(by SiO2 )


Double pass RO
EDI unit / EDI modules
Advanced microprocessor control panel
Pre and post treatment