With social development and technological progress, reverse osmosis desalination of the pure water system is widely used in drinking, chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, breeding, planting, and other fields.

As the reverse osmosis membrane is easily contaminated by impurities, especially when the incoming water turbidity and hardness are high, the membrane surface is easily damaged, and it is easy to block the membrane pore channels, which has a great impact on the desalination rate and water production rate of reverse osmosis treatment.

Therefore, a set of perfect reverse osmosis pure water systems, pre-filtration, and anti-scaling pretreatment should not be ignored, Runxin automatic control valve applied to the reverse osmosis system’s pre-filtration, water softener system, can escort the long-term stable operation of the system.

In a rare mushroom plantation industrial park, the raw water is municipal water supply with an average salt content of 286mg/L and an average hardness of 4.4mmol/L.

Since the high salt content (conductivity) in the water affects the product quality and growth, a double pass reverse osmosis system (i.e. RO system) is designed to reduce the salt content (conductivity) of the raw water to meet the needs of the rare mushroom irrigation water.

Agriculture Project

Due to the high hardness of the water, it is easy to cause the reverse osmosis membrane surface due to scaling and clogging membrane pores, in order to prevent damage to the reverse osmosis membrane, prolong the service life of the membrane, and ensure the desalination rate and water production rate of the RO system, set up a pretreatment system before the RO system:

configuration of quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter secondary filtration, requiring the effluent turbidity <1.0NTU;

a) Quartz sand filter configuration: 400×1650mm FRPtank, filled with 200kg (10-20 mesh) quartz sand, optional Runxin F56F filter valve.

b) Activated carbon filter configuration: 400×1650mm FRP tank, filled with 75kg of fruit shell activated carbon, optional RUNXIN F56F filter valve.

configuration of water softeners, control the effluent hardness ≤ 0.06 mmol/L.

c) Water softener configuration: 400×1650mm FRP tank, filled with 150L sodium ion exchange resin, 200L brine tank, optional Runxin F63C3 automatic flow type softening valve.

Agriculture Project

The system is maintained on-site by dedicated personnel, and the water quality indicators are monitored regularly. Softening valve is set to A-02 flow instant type to ensure soft water supply RO host; at the same time, the signal output is set b-01, when the water softener regeneration, output signal, RO host stop running, after the regeneration is over, automatically resume operation to prevent the regeneration of water softening system, high-pressure pump without water running damage.

The process flow of the water treatment system is: municipal water supply → raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → RO host → pure water tank → booster pump → irrigation water point.

The process flow of water treatment system

The system’s water output has been tested to be in full compliance with water standards. Since its installation and commissioning in early 2019, the system has been running stably, with qualified water quality and good automation control, and the customer has given affirmation.

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