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New alkaline ion water machine is used to test the purity of water, so that water does not contain water-based pollutants equipment. After the clean tap water has been filtered, disinfected and reached the drinking water standard, the ionized water is obtained by electrolysis.

There are two kinds of water: alkaline water and acidic water.

Alkaline ionized water has many health benefits, such as improving gastrointestinal symptoms, such as inhibition of gastric mucosal disorders, intestinal fermentation, improve intestinal peristalsis and flatulence. It can also slow the aging process and help fight cancer.

Acidic ionic water has bactericidal properties.

Product Benefit

gives you a lot of energy-electrolytes/oxygen.

Remove acidic waste from the body

Help with digestion and digestive problems

Rehydrate your body three times more efficiently than conventional or bottled water.

nutrients are more efficiently absorbed by the body.

promotes constipation.

Promote healthier skin and complexion.

Promote overall health and recovery by keeping the body in balance.

healthy cells live in an alkaline environment.

helps treat diabetes.

Product Feature

Product Name Multifunction Display Alkaline Water Ionizer
Number of Plates 5/7 plates
Plate Size 7.9×4.3cm
Plated Material Titanium with platinum coating
PH Levels 3.5~10.5(as per local water quality)
Interal Filters 1 activated carbon filter
Display PH, ORP, Flowrate, filter’s life time, process,
3.8″ 7-coloured LCD
Auto Cleaning Function Yes
Pre-filter Usage Life 8-12months(as per local water quality)
Water Supply Method Pipe with running water
Multi-Power Plug Yes
Touch-Control Panel Yes
Voice Prompt Yes
Filters Usage Life Warning Red LED light is on. Screen image flashes.


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