Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges

Product Description

Agua’s pressure gauge is the pressure gauge of choice for water treatment equipment system projects. Durable, accurate, and versatile, there is always a pressure gauge to meet your needs. Our water pressure gauge is standard on all water treatment systems and we have a large stock ready to send to you for replacement.


The pressure gauge of Ro Auga is made of stainless steel case. They can be installed directly on any water supply line or on the control panel of a commercial RO system for ease of use by the user.

Product Benefit

  • Monitor the pressure of the water pipeline in the water treatment system
  • Provides panel installation or in-line mounting styles
  • Provides a variety of pressure ranges to suit most water treatment applications
  • Fill with liquid to reduce vibration and get consistent, accurate readings

Product Feature

Product Application

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Oil refining
  • Chemical
  • Food processing plants
  • Water treatment
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