Commercial and Industrial Flow Meters LZM and LZS series


Ro Agua manufactures various flow meters for our water treatment projects. Most of our variable area flow meters (also known as rotary flow meters) have dual scales of GPM and LPM and can be installed online or on a panel. For your convenience, our flow meters range from 0.1 gpm to 250 gpm.

The flow meters used to monitor system flow are panel-mounted or pipeline-mounted and easy to install.

Product Benefit

  • Monitor the Flow Rate of Any Water Stream in a Water Treatment System
  • Dual Rated for GPM & LPM
  • Available in Panel Mounted or In-Line Installation Style

Product Feature

  • Durable, highly polished all-in-one body.
  • The diaphragm nut is connected directly to the internal panel.
  • 1 to 250 GPM size available
  • Solid one-piece die-casting acrylic body
  • Permanent screen printing scale
  • Calibration in GPM, LPM
  • Separate packing
  • No internal cracks or leaks
  • 100% accuracy tested


  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Tap Water
  • Groundwater
  • Seawater
  • Commercial Water Treatment
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