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EDI Water

Applications: IC industry cleaning pure water, OLED cleaning ultrapure water solar photovoltaic with ultrapure water system, photovoltaic industry with ultrapure water system, semiconductor industry with ultrapure water system, monocrystalline silicon / polycrystalline silicon / silicon materials / solar cells with industrial ultrapure water system, LCD liquid crystal display water purification system, LED optical ultrapure water system, glass coating supporting ultrahigh-purity water system, optical lenses cleaning with ultrapure water system, thin film cell polycrystalline ingot ultrapure water system, EDI electrode ionization, ultrapure water treatment system for various industries.

Characteristics: In the design of the system, the use of mature, reliable, advanced, high degree of automation, two-stage RO + EDI + fine mixed bed demineralized water treatment process, the whole membrane treatment process: UF + two stage RO + EDI + polished mixed resin bed. Ensure that the resistivity of the treated effluent reaches 18 MΩ.CM or more. Ensure the demand of product quality!

EDI water machine

Demineralized Water

Applications: boiler softened water make-up water treatment system for thermal power plants and large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises, boiler softened demineralized water system, reverse osmosis demineralized water treatment system, water vapor circulation system for thermal power plants, air conditioning, cold storage and other circulating cooling circulating water system.

Characteristics: Adopting the world’s most advanced reverse osmosis membrane elements, pressure vessels and other system, with reasonable and pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment, it can produce water that meets the standard of medium- and high-pressure boiler make-up water in the electric power industry. The control system adopts industrial computer program control, which can realize automatic starting and stopping, dosing and flushing, and automatic monitoring of various operating parameters for production management.

Reclaimed Water

Applications: electroplating water reuse, electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse equipment, printed circuit board wastewater treatment and reuse, printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and reuse, liquid crystal display wastewater reuse, food wastewater treatment and reuse, electronic and semiconductor wastewater reuse technology, paper wastewater treatment and reuse, municipal sewage treatment and reuse.

Characteristics: Using continuous microfiltration + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis membrane filtration of the whole membrane treatment technology to form its own unique complete treatment process, can ensure the stability of the effluent water quality, and at the same time, the recovery of useful metals, to create benefits for the enterprise.

Types: reverse osmosis pure water treatment system, deionized water system, ion exchange mixed bed system, applied to surface treatment with deionized water system, PCB electroplating way of loading with pure water equipment, fertilizer plant production water, chemical water, daily cosmetics with pure water equipment, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates purification and separation of purified water equipment, bioengineering water equipment, metallurgical and chemical industry with pure water equipment.
Characteristics: Reasonable design according to customers’ requirements. The main parts and components adopt world famous brand products, advanced technology, reliable performance, excellent water production performance.

SS tank RO system

Well water Treatment System

Applications: tap water turbidity removal system, river water purification system, groundwater, deep well water iron and manganese removal system, multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, disk filters, gravity unvalved filter tanks, perforated cyclone reaction sedimentation tanks.

Characteristics: Adopting advanced, high-efficiency, scientific and low-cost process combinations at home and abroad, mainly to remove iron and manganese, ammonia and nitrogen, sediment, scale and other harmful substances, so that the treated water quality reaches the drinking water standard.

Types: factory drinking water system, pure water, mineral water production system, pipeline drinking water system engineering, factory and enterprise staff drinking water system, community building quality water supply system, reverse osmosis pure water system, ultrafiltration mineral water system, natural water production system.

Characteristics: Municipal tap water will be further processed deeply into pure water that meets the water quality standard of bottled drinking water, through a separate high-quality water supply pipeline system, transported to the homes of households, or office drinking points, providing fresh and clear, cleaner, no secondary pollution of high-quality pure water.

Types: circulating water treatment, swimming pool circulating water treatment system, fountain water treatment project, landscape water purification system.

Features: pool water treatment system developed on the basis of similar products at home and abroad, combined with the actual situation in China. Applicable to all kinds of swimming pool water circulation treatment. It includes conventional hair collector, multi-media quartz sand filter and heat exchanger. Characterized by convenient operation and management, small maintenance, large amount of provincial pharmaceutical costs and avoid more investment in pharmaceutical contamination of water quality, suitable for community swimming pool water treatment equipment, high-grade villas, high-grade hotels, restaurants, recreational pools and competition pools, family swimming pools and so on.

Types: reverse osmosis membrane,  DOW, Hydronics, CM and other reverse osmosis membrane and components, quartz sand, activated carbon, filter cartridges, anion and cation exchange resins, all kinds of water quality monitoring instrumentation, conductivity meter, resistivity meter, metering pumps, reverse osmosis membrane shells, filter cartridges, carbon cores, UV sterilizers, TOC, ozone generators, water treatment chemicals scale inhibitors, flocculants, all kinds of chemical pumps, magnetic drive pumps, metering pumps. High-pressure pumps, centrifugal pumps;

Features: provide pure water system  maintenance, cleaning, maintenance and after-sales service.

Well water treatment system

What are the installation and maintenance of stainless steel bag filter housing?

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Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Maintaining Stainless Steel Bag Filter housing