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A customer is a winery, production and living water using groundwater, water hardness, nitrate and total bacterial count exceeds the standard, after treatment is required to reach the drinking water standard, to meet the production of water and the central kitchen water demand, while the equipment needs to have a remote control, timed opening and closing and other functions.

To this end, we design the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment + ultraviolet sterilization device, in reverse osmosis equipment set before the quartz sand and activated carbon pretreatment equipment.

water treatment equipment

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is an efficient and environmentally friendly separation technology, which is widely used in water treatment, electric power, chemical industry, electronics and other fields. However, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment often encounters some problems during operation, such as clogging and contamination, which affects the normal operation of the system and the quality of the effluent. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to add a pretreatment device before the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment.


This set of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment before the pretreatment – quartz sand filtration and activated carbon filter is mainly used to filter the water sediment, suspended solids, colloids, organic matter and other harmful substances, while adding scale inhibitors to prevent RO membrane clogging, improve the operating efficiency of the system and the quality of the effluent, the effluent is then sterilized by ultraviolet sterilization device for sterilization to meet the Drinking water standard.


The quartz sand filter and activated carbon filter are equipped with stainless steel tank Φ750×1900mm respectively, and both of them adopt Runxin automatic filter valve 53515 (F99B1). “RUNXIN valve” less maintenance, less maintenance, can improve the stability of the whole set of equipment operation, reduce maintenance costs.


The water treatment process is as follows: raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → dosing system → precision filter → reverse osmosis equipment → water purification tank → ultraviolet sterilization system → frequency conversion water supply system → water point.


Since the installation and commissioning of this equipment in early 2023, it has been running stably, the quality of the effluent has reached the standard of drinking water, and the automation control is convenient, so the customer expressed their satisfaction.

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