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In today’s society, with the increasing depletion of marine resources, desalination technology has gradually become a field of attention. With the vigorous development of desalination, small desalination machine has become a new hot spot. Compared with large-scale desalination machine, small-scale machine has many advantages.

Marine resources occupy 71% of the earth, compared to its freshwater resources can be said to be quite rich. It is understood that so far, many islanders are still eating alkaline water, so we need to convert marine resources into fresh water resources that can be used. In response to the shortage of fresh water for island residents, a set of small-scale desalination machine has been carefully researched, applying the principle of total membrane method to solve the problem of water consumption for island and sea residents.

First of all, the small desalination machine is easy to carry and install because of its small size and light weight. This kind of machine can be conveniently placed on ships to supply drinking water to the crew, and can also be placed in outdoor camping to provide clean drinking water to travelers. In addition, small-scale machine does not need to occupy large areas of land and sea, and can be more flexible to cope with different environments and scenarios.

Secondly, small desalination machine has low energy consumption and lower operating costs. Compared with large-scale machine, small-scale machine consumes less energy and can therefore be operated more economically. This also means that in some remote areas, small equipment can provide clean drinking water more conveniently, bringing real benefits to local residents.

In addition, small desalination machine have lower maintenance costs. As the structure of small-scale equipment is relatively simple, maintenance is also easier. This also means that small machine has a longer lifespan and can provide clean drinking water more consistently.

Small desalination machine mainly uses the osmosis concept of reverse osmosis membranes, which utilizes the principle of osmosis to filter out the salts from seawater, discharging high concentrations of seawater and leaving clean water that can be consumed. This process becomes the osmosis pressure, give the water the appropriate pressure, the impurities in the water, salt removal, leaving clean water, to achieve the reverse osmosis desalination of seawater into drinkable clean water.

Compared with other processes, the membrane treatment process is used to better deal with microorganisms and particles in the water and protect the desalination machine. This equipment has the advantages of compact structure, easy installation, easy maintenance, small footprint, small size and strong applicability.

What other advantages does this small desalination machine have?

Specifically as follows:

(1) able to adapt to the low-temperature environment, the stable operation of seawater desalination machine;.

(2) Wide adaptability of seawater, to meet the desalination of seawater into drinking water without the use of sea water; (3) Occupies a wide range of seawater, can be used for the desalination of seawater into drinking water.

(3) Small footprint, simple operation.

Nowadays, in order to solve the scarcity of freshwater resources, more and more strategic choices and important measures, small desalination machine applications are also more and more. The emergence of seawater desalination technology can be said to meet the needs of China’s island residents living, production water needs, and effectively guarantee the sustainable development of the island’s national economy and society.

Small desalination machines can also be widely used in the following application scenarios.

Disaster relief: When earthquakes, floods, droughts and other natural disasters, people often face a shortage of drinking water. At this time, if there is a small-scale desalination plant, you can use nearby seawater or brackish water lakes and other water sources to quickly create fresh water to solve people’s survival needs.


Military operations: When the army carries out missions in coastal or island areas, it will also encounter the dilemma of insufficient drinking water. At this time, if there is a small-scale desalination machine, it can provide safe and reliable fresh water support for soldiers, and enhance the combat effectiveness and survivability.


Tourism and adventure: When people are traveling or exploring in areas such as the sea or desert, they may also face the risk of lack of drinking water. At this time, if there is a small desalination unit, you can carry it with you and provide yourself and your companions with cool fresh water anytime and anywhere to enjoy the journey.


Agricultural irrigation: When farmers plant crops in areas such as coastal or arid areas, they can also be plagued by water shortages. At this time, if there is a small-scale seawater desalination machine, it can use water sources such as seawater or brackish water to provide sufficient freshwater irrigation for crops and improve agricultural yield and quality.


Small-scale seawater freshwater device is a very practical and promising technology and product. It can provide people with convenient and fast fresh water service, solve the problem of drinking water and improve the quality of life.

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