Seawater desalination System project for real estate

Seawater desalination System project for real estate:

Real estate project-Desalination system- Philippines


Output Capacity: 100m3/D

Feedwater flow:350m3/D

Recovery rate: 30%

Reject salt:98-99%


Application: purify water for life use

Source water: seawater

TDS of source water:30000-35000ppm

Pure water conductivity: 600-800ppm

Voltage: 380v, 60HZ 3P

Seawater desalination System project price

This is a containerized desalination system mainly used by real estate companies to supply fresh water.

Because it is close to the sea, the TDS of the raw water is very high, and it is necessary to supply fresh water to the people of the villa.

Considering the pollution, we suggest that client use wells to store raw water, and use submersible pumps to supply seawater to the desalination system.

The seawater water supply pump takes water from the seawater reservoir and lifts it into the quartz sand filter. The filter material of the filter is multi-layer selected quartz sand, and the design flow rate is 14m/h. The purpose is to control the pollution index (SDI) of the effluent. 4 or less. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter rises to a certain value or the effluent pollution index is greater than 4, the filter should be back washed.

Seawater desalination System project parts

In order to prevent the membrane element from being damaged by solid particles during operation, a set of two-stage security filters with a nominal accuracy of 10 μm and 3 μm are installed before entering the reverse osmosis system. . After being pressurized by the high-pressure pump, such particles may break down the reverse osmosis membrane module, resulting in a large amount of salt leakage, and may accumulate in the membrane to block the water flow channel. Depth filtration has the advantages of large dirt holding capacity, long service

life, and easy replacement. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter is greater than a certain value (usually 0.07-0.1MPa), the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

Seawater desalination System project best price

The pretreated water is pressurized by a high-pressure pump and then enters the permeable membrane.

The permeable membrane adopts the composite membrane of South Korea’s LG company, and the pressure is adjusted by the pressure regulating valve, so that part of the water in the seawater permeates the membrane and enters the porous central tube, and flows out through the central tube. , and the salt is blocked on the membrane surface and discharged from the membrane with most of the seawater.

The desalination rate of the reverse osmosis seawater desalination system is guaranteed to be above 98.25%, and the designed water output is ≥17m3/hr.

The whole system is centrally controlled by PLC. The high-pressure pump is started, run, and stopped by frequency conversion. When the equipment runs abnormally, it will automatically perform an alarm function or stop. The electrical components of well-known brands with reliable performance and long service life are selected.

Below are pictures and videos of the 100 ton per day desalination system

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