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The home RO system is a common kitchen appliance in small appliances, often used in daily life, in the use of the process of failure, no one wants to encounter things, only to solve the problem, in order to continue to use it, therefore, we just need to learn some of its common failures and methods of treatment!

home RO system


After the electricity is turned on, the motor does not rotate and cannot create water

Exclusion method:

Check whether the low-voltage switch has failed, resulting in the power supply can not be connected Check whether the pump and transformer short-circuit, or the entire line has not been connected to the wrong detection of the high-voltage switch and water level controller failure, resulting in the inability to reset detection of the computer box is faulty

home RO system


The booster pump does not stop

Exclusion method:

Insufficient booster pump pressure, can not reach the high-pressure set pressure check valve blockage, not out of pure water high-pressure switch malfunction, can not jump

home RO system


The booster pump works normally, but can’t make water

Exclusion method:

The booster pump loss of pressure into the water solenoid valve is faulty, and can not feed the water (pure water wastewater is not) (whether connected to the reverse) pre-filter blockage (pure water wastewater is not, or wastewater is very small) automatic flushing valve failure, can not effectively close (has been in the flushing state) computer box failure can not close the backwash solenoid valve (has been in the flushing state) RO membrane blockage

home RO system


The booster pump stops, but waste water does not stop

Exclusion method:

Solenoid valve failure, can not effectively cut off the water computer box is faulty, can not close the solenoid valve backstop valve pressure relief (wastewater flow is small)

home RO system


Repeated jumping after the water is full

Exclusion method:

Original water pressure is not enough to check valve pressure relief high-pressure switch or level switch failure system has a pressure relief phenomenon

home RO system


Pressure tank full of water, but pure water can not flow

Exclusion method:

Pressure tank pressure relief (empty barrel pressure 0.5-0.7KG/cm2) Post-activated carbon blockage

home RO system


Insufficient pure water flow

Exclusion method:

Clogged pre-filter, insufficient pressure of booster pump, clogged RO membrane, clogged waste water valve or waste water ratio is too conductive clogged post-activated carbon, insufficient pressure or internal damage of pressure tank

home RO system


The disproportionate ratio of pure water to wastewater

Exclusion method:

Whether the flushing solenoid valve is damaged, whether the wastewater pen is blocked (more pure water, less wastewater) whether the RO membrane is blocked

Disproportionate ratio

These are some of the common failures and troubleshooting methods of the home RO water systems, when there is a failure you according to the above 8 tips to eliminate the cause, if you still can not handle it, you are also welcome to contact our sales engineers at any time.

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