Automatic Backwash Disc Filter for Agricultural Irrigation


Our high-performance automatic backwash disc filter, specially engineered for agricultural irrigation. Designed to replace renowned international brands such as Netafim and Arkal, our advanced filtration system delivers superior results at a more competitive price. This efficient filtration solution effectively removes sand and silt from water sources, ensuring your irrigation needs are met with clean, reliable water. Available in multiple sizes and configurations, our disc filter offers outstanding performance, ease of use, and exceptional value

Product Benefit

  • Economic Feasibility: Competitively priced to deliver maximum value by offering effective filtration while reducing operational costs, competing directly with international brands like Netafim and Arkal.
  • Operational Efficiency: With a large flow range and minimal water head loss, it ensures efficient water usage and reduced energy consumption.
  • Reliability and Durability: Built to withstand rigorous use, the sturdy materials and robust design guarantee a long-lasting filtration solution.
  • Maintenance Convenience: The system’s design allows for easy access and maintenance, reducing downtime and work intensity for users.
  • Versatile Application: The modular and customizable nature enables it to fit various irrigation setups, ensuring optimal performance in diverse conditions.

Product Feature

  • Economic and Leak-Proof Design
    – Cost-Effective Solution: Outperforms other brands by providing excellent filtration performance at a significantly lower price point.
    – Robust Sealing Mechanism: Features a bracket seal or threaded fixture that ensures no leaks, minimal head loss, and accommodates a wide flow range, similar to top international brands.
  • Superior Filtration Performance
    – Outstanding Filtration Efficiency: Capable of standalone use or in combination with other filters like mesh or additional disc filters, enhancing the overall filtration efficiency.
    – Deep Filtration Capability: The disc filtration mechanism effectively traps and removes fine sand, floating debris, and other impurities.
    – Layered Filter Media: Multiple layers of filter materials ensure comprehensive filtration and are easy to clean and maintain.
  • User-Friendly Operation
    – Ease of Use and Maintenance: Designed to save time and labor. Maintenance and cleaning are straightforward, requiring minimal effort.
    – Easy Installation: Quick and simple installation process, with lightweight and portable components making assembling and disassembling hassle-free and versatile in various combinations.
    – Versatile Material Options: Available in various materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and PP to suit different needs and environments.
  • Advanced Automatic Backwash System
    – Automatic Backwash Function: Controlled by an advanced system of controllers and solenoid heads, enabling automatic backwash based on pressure differentials or set time intervals. This ensures continuous, uninterrupted filtration and efficient cleaning.
    – Rotational Filtration Technology: Combines backwash and filtration processes, providing a 360-degree rotational cleaning action that optimally intercepts sand and various floating impurities.
  • Customizable and Modular Design
  • – Scalable System: Can be used individually or in combination with centrifugal filters, sand filters, and other filtration units for enhanced efficiency. Offers flexibility for various applications and ease of customization.
  • -Multiple Configurations Available: Customers can request processing and customization to meet specific requirements. Various configurations and material choices, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and PP disc filters, provide extensive customization options.


  • This automatic backwash disc filter is perfectly suited for extensive agricultural irrigation applications, effectively meeting the following needs:
  • Drip Irrigation Systems: Ensures clean water delivery to plants, preventing clogging of drip lines and ensuring efficient irrigation..
  • Sprinkler Systems: Reduces blockages in sprinkler nozzles, enhancing irrigation efficiency and coverage.
  • Greenhouse Watering: Provides reliable filtration for greenhouse environments, ensuring optimal plant health and growth.
  • Field Irrigation: Ideal for large-scale farm fields, delivering consistent filtered water across various terrains.
  • Water Reuse Systems: Perfect for systems that recycle and reuse water in agricultural settings, ensuring continuous provision of clean water.
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