This newly designed high-flow 10inch big white filter housing whole house filtration system backwash function


This newly designed high-flow 10-inch big fat filter bottle whole house water filtration system with a 4.5-inch diameter features a backwash function. It is compatible with various filter cartridges such as ultrafiltration, PP melt-blown, and PP pleated carbon fiber filters.

Product Benefit

  • Enhanced Water Flow: Provides a consistent and robust water flow for household needs
  • Extended Filter Lifespan: The backwashing feature keeps filters clean and extends their usability.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The one-touch switch system allows for easy and quick operation
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: The pressure relief valve simplifies the process of opening the filter bottle.
  • Durable Construction: The dual-layer housing offers superior protection and longevity under high pressure.


Product Feature

  • High Flow Rate: Delivers water swiftly and efficiently.
  • Backwash Function: Convenient backwashing for prolonged filter life.
  • Multi-functional Switching: One-touch switch for backwashing, filtering, bypassing, and stopping.
  • Red Dot Pressure Relief Valve: Easy unscrewing of the filter bottle with the pressure relief design.
  • Dual-layer Housing: Ensures durability and high pressure resistance.Whole House FiltrationResidential Filtration System


  • Whole House Filtration: Ideal for providing clean water throughout your entire household.
  • Versatile Filter Compatibility: Can be used with different types of filter cartridges including ultrafiltration, PP melt-blown, and PP pleated carbon fiber filters.
  • Residential Use: Perfect for ensuring high-quality water for all domestic water needs.
  • High-Demand Water Usage: Suitable for households with high water consumption needs due to its high flow rate feature.
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