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Pleated filter cartridges, with their sophisticated design and advanced materials, offer a broad spectrum of filtration solutions for various industries. Among these, PTFE series hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene liquid sterilizing microporous pleated filter cartridges stand out for their exceptional performance in filtering corrosive liquids. Meanwhile, PP microporous pleated filter cartridges and PES pleated filter cartridges provide robust filtration options with unique characteristics tailored to specific needs.

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Product Benefit

PTFE Series Pleated Filter Cartridges:

Superior Filtration in Harsh Environments: The chemical resistance and hydrophobic nature of PTFE make these cartridges ideal for filtering aggressive liquids, ensuring high filtration efficiency and prolonged life.
High Compatibility:Their ability to withstand a wide pH range enables filtration in a variety of chemical processes without degradation.
Quality Assurance: Comprehensive integrity testing guarantees consistent performance, while unique serial numbers provide traceability for quality control and compliance.

PP Microporous Pleated Filter Cartridges:

Versatile Filtration: Outstanding chemical resistance enables use in a variety of chemical processes, including those involving harsh chemicals.
Efficiency and Longevity: Large surface area and deep filtration extend the cartridge life and improve particle capture efficiency.

PES Pleated Filter Cartridges:

High Performance: The asymmetrical structure and hydrophilic nature of the PES membrane deliver superior flow rates and contaminant retention.
Economic Efficiency: High dirt-holding capacity extends service intervals, optimizing cost efficiency.
Safety and Compliance: Manufactured without adhesives, ensuring low risk of contamination and compliance with stringent quality standards.

Product Feature

PTFE Series Pleated Filter Cartridges:

Hydrophobic Nature: PTFE series cartridges possess inherent hydrophobic properties, making them excellent for liquid sterilization.
Chemical Resistance: The pull-stretched PTFE membrane offers superior corrosion, oxidation, and organic solvent resistance.
Broad Chemical Compatibility: These cartridges can filter a wide range of corrosive liquids within a pH range of 1-14, including strong acids and bases.
Integrity Testing:Each cartridge undergoes 100% integrity testing prior to shipping, ensuring reliability and performance.

PP Microporous Pleated Filter Cartridges:

High Chemical Compatibility:Suitable for filtering strong acids, bases, and organic solvents.
Deep Filtration:The pleated membrane structure provides a large filtration surface area, enhancing filtration efficiency and capacity.
Low Differential Pressure: Offers lower pressure drops and extended service life.
Multiple Filtration Grades: Available in various filtration precisions from 0.1μm to 50μm.
Thermal Welding: Manufactured using thermal welding technology, ensuring no adhesives or binders are used, preventing leaks and contamination.

PES Pleated Filter Cartridges:

Asymmetric Membrane Structure: Ensures high flow rates and large dirt-holding capacity.
Hydrophilic Membrane: Provides excellent water permeation and uniform pore size distribution.
High Filtration Efficiency:Absolute pore size accuracy ensures effective particle removal.

Product Application

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Filtration of biological solutions and sterilization of gases.
Food and Beverage Production: Filtration of beverages, spices, and syrups.
Chemical Processing: Suitable for filtering various chemicals, including acids, bases, and solvents.
Electronics Manufacturing: Pre-filtration in semiconductor and electronics industries.

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