Large capacity reverse osmosis plant for bottle water factory

Large capacity reverse osmosis plant for bottle water factory:

Bottle water project- industrial reverse osmosis plant – Asia


Output Capacity: 100m3/H

Feed water flow:130m3/H

Recovery rate: 75-80%

Reject salt:98-99%


Application:purify water for drinking

Source water: tap water

TDS of source water:less than 1000ppm

Pure water conductivity: less than 40ppm

Voltage: 380v, 50HZ 3P

This is a complete set reverse osmosis plant applied in a bottled water factory.

The output capacity is about 100ton per hour. One set includes feed raw water pump+sand filter+carbon filter+dosing system+micron filter+RO water plant+Ozone.

The filter tank was made high-quality stainless steel tank instead of a fibreglass tank to make. Fully automatic operation.

Whole the pipe of the reverse osmosis plant was also made of stainless steel pipe instead of PVC pipe. This can ensure that the water will not be polluted and meet the national drinking water standard

High-quality Siemens PLC touch screen to control the whole water plant. Then connect with filling machine together.

Below are pictures and videos of the 100 ton per hour reverse osmosis plant reference:

reverse osmosis plant reference
reverse osmosis plant reference price
reverse osmosis plant reference parts
reverse osmosis plant reference best price

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