ROAGUA CS series ultra-pure water equipment adopts a semi-enclosed and silent design, which is convenient for maintenance and silent and dust-proof!
This machine adopts the classic 3-4 pretreatment + RO reverse osmosis process design, the ion removal rate is >98%, the conductivity of the equipment outlet water is <5us/cm, and the reverse osmosis water production rate ranges from 300L-1000L/H.
Used in various industries such as chemical industry, electronics, electroplating, ultrasonic cleaning, pharmacy, sewage treatment system, etc.
304/316 materials can be customized according to user requirements, single-stage/double-stage RO process.

Ultra-pure water project
Ultra-pure water project Sale

ROAGUA’s Q series ultra-pure water machine has a water output of 15-18.2M and adopts the RO+EDI+DI process.
The water output is used for wafer cutting, wafer packaging, laboratory centralized water supply, electronics, battery new energy and other industries.

Flow Chart

Pretreatment system (raw water pump-sand filter-carbon filter-softener)-RO reverse osmosis -EDI system- DI system

The installation is simple, only need to connect the inlet and outlet pipe , one-key operation!
Remote operation control, optional 485 interface, mobile phone terminal joint control and other functions.

Purpose of ultrapure water machine:

1. Ultrapure water machine for laboratory;

2. New energy battery;

3. Ultrasonic cleaning;

4. Configuration of chemical products;

5. Laboratory, biomedicine;

6. Use in other related industries.

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