Output Capacity: 500LPH/1000LPH
Feed water flow:1000LPH/2000LPH
Recovery rate: 40-50%
Reject salt:98-99%


Application: bottle water for drinking
Source water: Tap water
TDS of source water:300-500ppm
Pure water conductivity: 10-20 us/cm
Voltage: 220v, 50HZ 1P

The customer from Chile, he is very interested to buy reverse osmosis system. As he want to start bottle water business. The demand for bottle water is very large on the market.
Given that this is a new business, the initial budget is limited.
We recommend the customer to use the hot selling capacity 500LPH or 1000LPH reverse osmosis system, plus UV and ozone sterilization function to complete his project.

On the meanwhile, we also provide 5 gallon filling machine and bag water machine to him.


Reverse Osmosis:

Filling Machine:

Bag water machine: