Sea water desalination equipment project for island

Sea water desalination equipment project for island:

Seawater desalination technology can filter and separate seawater or brackish water into fresh water, thereby solving the problem of water scarcity. For example, when troops are training in the field, they must be applied to desalination equipment when there is no fresh water source. .

Sightseeing island seawater desalination device has the following advantages:

1. The seawater desalination unit is equipped with the world’s leading energy recovery device, and is also equipped with top-of-the-line control technology, so that the overall performance, silence, energy consumption, and cost of the equipment are at the world’s leading level.

2. The equipment system can be optimized according to the customer’s existing space and water production requirements.

3. Due to the successful application of the modular system, the unity of space utilization and technological rationality is perfectly realized.

4, from design, production to on-site installation and commissioning to provide comprehensive services for the entire set of projects.

5. The whole set of equipment has mature technology, relying on the central monitoring and automatic control system, with high intelligent functions of man-machine dialogue.

6. The high-efficiency energy recovery device greatly reduces energy consumption, thereby reducing operating costs.

Process flow of seawater desalination equipment:

Most of the equipment adopts reverse osmosis membrane method: seawater, sand filter, micron filtration, security filtration, reverse osmosis seawater desalination, and output water.
According to different geographical locations, seawater quality and effluent usage, some additional configurations can be added to the equipment process to make it meet the water quality required by customers.
Membrane desalination technology is very mature, and the project is stable and reliable.
The production technology of membrane materials and membrane elements such as reverse osmosis is mature, the performance of membranes and membrane components has improved, the price has dropped significantly, and the application cost has become lower and lower.
The equipment consumes less energy, which is conducive to saving energy and reducing the cost of water production.
Membrane desalination of seawater is a unit combination, and the construction scale can be expanded step by step, which is convenient for popularization and application.

Performance and specification of reverse osmosis desalination equipment

1. Inlet water quality. It is suitable for sea water with salt content greater than 30000ppm.

2. The outlet water quality. Comply with national drinking water standards, and can also prepare higher standards of water according to user needs.

3. The recovery rate of the seawater desalination equipment is over 35%.

4. The whole set of desalination equipment can be monitored by PLC.

5. The seawater desalination system is equipped with a protection and alarm system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

6. When the quality of the water produced by the reverse osmosis desalination device is poor, it can be automatically discharged.

reverse osmosis desalination equipment

ROAGUA is a technology-based industry that focuses on the development, production and sales of reverse osmosis seawater desalination and brackish desalination equipment.
The main products are seawater desalination equipment for ships, seawater desalination equipment for islands, seawater desalination equipment parts, etc.
The current production of marine and land-use seawater desalination equipment has been widely used in offshore drilling platforms, offshore fisheries, freighters, and islands.