Hotel project-Desalination ystem- Philippines

Output Capacity: 200LPH
Feed water flow:1500LPH
Recovery rate: 15%-30%
Reject salt:98-99%


Application:purify water for life use
Source water: seawater
TDS of source water:30000-35000ppm
Pure water conductivity: 600-800ppm
Voltage: 220v, 60HZ 1P

This is a resort hotel near the sea. Every summer people from all over the world come here for a holiday.

The quality of the water is very important. People need a lot of pure water in their daily life, such as drinking or making coffee.

To give the customer a better experience, the hotel manager contacted us and needed to buy our desalination seawater to treat the seawater.


Low energy consumption
Premium quality components
Quick to install
Cost effective
Fully supported
High quality product water that meets the guidelines for Drinking Water Quality