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water softener resin is a resin used to soften hard water, removing calcium and magnesium ions from the water to soften the water. water softener resin has a certain service life like other consumables, and this article takes a look at the service life of water softener resin so that you can have a better understanding of water softener resin before using it. The service life of water softener resin is usually relatively high quality water softening resin, such as imported brands of softening resin in 3-5 years, but the actual operation of the resin will be affected by a number of factors. The life of the general domestic softening resin will be a little shorter, usually 1-2 years. However, in actual use, it still depends on the water quality of the treated water, if the raw water hardness is too large and the resin is overloaded, it is necessary to increase the frequency of resin replacement.

 The service life of the water softener resin is affected by what factors?

1, because the raw water pipeline is usually carbon steel pipeline, water and pipeline oxidation reaction, the generation of iron ions, into the resin after the resin’s functional exchange groups with the extension of the running time and decline, its performance is high salt consumption, regeneration of poor water quality.

2, resin repeatedly regenerated: due to the frequent regeneration of resin for a long time, each regeneration, resin do mutual Scrubbing movement, water pressure and mechanical wear between the resin, so the resin crosslinking value (mechanical strength) will gradually decline, the skeleton deformation, the operation of the performance of the water sometimes yellowing, water production cycle is significantly shortened, resulting in the final regeneration effect is not ideal.

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How can I extend the life of water softener resin?


There are many factors that can reduce the performance of a water softening resin over time.

However, there are steps we can take to improve performance and extend the life of the system. Chlorine and chloramines can be removed from the water by installing an activated carbon filter prior to the water softener.

If the incoming water pressure is unnecessarily high, hydraulic shock can sometimes be reduced by installing a pressure regulator.

The problems caused by iron and manganese fouling can be greatly improved by adding a resin bed cleaner to the brine well of the brine tank each time salt is added.

Taking these steps will help ensure that your water softener gets the full life and performance of your system.

 How long does water softener resin typically need to be replaced after use?


water softener resin replacement time is determined by different water quality conditions; the worse the water quality, the shorter the resin life.

Since there are many different substances in the water, including iron ions, aluminum ions, active chlorine, organic substances and other substances that can cause resin poisoning and failure, the length of the resin is also determined by the quality of the water.

According to past experience: for general water quality, the resin can be used for about 2-4 years; for poor water quality, the resin can be used for less than 2 years; for good water quality, the resin can be used for more than 3 years. To sum up: if the water quality is hard, the regeneration frequency will be frequent. The actual situation depends on the water quality.

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