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Water treatment reverse osmosis equipment high/low pressure protection, is to prevent the RO high-pressure pump idling or working in excess of the limit high/low pressure.  High pressure switch, is high pressure protection with. With the growth of equipment use time, the membrane will be fouled, the natural membrane inlet pressure will increase, when the pressure increases to a certain extent, in order to protect the equipment, pipeline does not break, there is a need for high-pressure switch to protect, the pressure increases to the preset value of the pressure switch, it will be forced to shut down the equipment.

High Pressure Protection:

As the RO membrane filters water, its natural inlet pressure gradually increases due to fouling. To prevent excessive pressure that could harm the pump, pipelines, and other components, a high-pressure switch kicks in. When the pressure reaches a preset threshold (typically 80-120 psi), the switch automatically shuts down the system, protecting it from potential bursting or leaks.

Low Pressure Protection:

Conversely, insufficient feed pressure hinders proper membrane function and leads to excessive wastewater discharge. To avoid this, a low-pressure switch monitors the water inlet pressure. If it falls below a set minimum (usually 40-60 psi), the switch cuts off power, halting the system until the pressure recovers. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the pump and membrane, while optimizing water production.

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How should the water treatment reverse osmosis pressure switch be debugged?


Low pressure switch has two adjustable screws, one is to adjust the base pressure, generally 0-6bar, one is to adjust the return pressure, generally 0-2bar, can be adjusted against the screwdriver.   Common low-pressure switch is always jumping there are two possibilities, one is the raw water pressure fluctuations in large changes, the other is the base pressure in the raw water pressure value of the neighborhood and back to the differential pressure is small.


Raw water pressure fluctuations solution to the pretreatment equipment exhaust, increase the opening of the raw water pump outlet valve, so that the pressure of raw water is relatively large, it is not easy to jump.


Differential pressure is small solution

1, first observe the normal operation of the equipment pressure, the base pressure adjustment than it is slightly lower, such as pretreatment water pressure is 2.5bar, then the base pressure can be adjusted to 2bar;

2, set the pressure value of low-pressure jump, for example, when the raw water pressure is lower than 1.5bar when the pressure switch starts to jump, then the differential pressure adjustment to 0.5bar;

3, although after adjustment, but the accuracy of the adjustment is also a difference, so, according to the actual pressure with the situation to adjust, until it reaches their requirements, such as 2bar pressure when the pressure is suction, 1.5bar pressure when the jump open (this time you can adjust the high pressure pump valve or raw water pump outlet valve to pressure adjustment).

4, if you want to make the pressure differential amplitude, you can also adjust the differential pressure to 0.8-1.0bar, so that the pressure reaches 2bar when the suction, and in the pressure is lower than 1bar when the jump open.

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