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Today, I will tell you about the common water purification sterilization method —— ozone generator sterilization.

Ozone generator is a kind of unstable gas obtained through the ionization of oxygen with high ionization potential.

It has a high killing rate and fast speed of viruses and bacteria, and completely removes pollutants such as organic compounds without producing residual pollution.

ozone generator

Ozone Generator for water

Ozone Generator for water can be used for pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry pipeline, production equipment and containers soaking and cleaning, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.

High concentration ozone water is used to soak and rinse.

First, the bacteria and viruses on the surface of pipelines, equipment and containers are removed;

second, the unwashed away bacteria and viruses on the surface are killed by ozone, simple use, no dead corners in pharmaceutical production and food processing, and avoid the environmental problems of chemical toxic substances and residual pollution caused by the use of chemical disinfectants in production.

ozone generator for water

Four factors that need to be controlled for ozone generator operations

  1. Flow rate, that is, the amount of ozone and the flow rate of water given per unit time;
  2. Contact area between ozone and water;
  3. Flow rate of water and ozone per unit time;
  4. Contact time between ozone and water.

Ozone generator is used for the disinfection of pure water, which must experience the mass transfer process from gas phase to liquid phase and the reflection process of the contact between liquid phase ozone and microorganisms in water. These reaction processes are completed in the ozone contact reaction device with water, namely the ozone mixing tower. The mixing equipment has cloth gas head, water jet device, pipe mixer and so on.

ozone sterilization water

When removing pollutants controlled by mass transfer speed, devices with high mass transfer efficiency such as spiral mixer, worm wheel injector and water injector should be selected. When removing the pollutants controlled by the chemical reaction speed, it is appropriate to choose the contact reaction device that can maintain a certain depth of dissolved oxygen for a long time, such as the bubble contact oxidation tower, which can adapt to the slow chemical reaction of ozone and pollutants, to achieve the purpose of decomposition and degradation of pollutants.

With ozone generator effect is high, the bacteria are wide, even for the resistant microorganisms such as viruses and cystic spores, is also the most effective disinfectant, sterilization ability is not affected by the change of pH value and ammonia. In the production of pure water process, using ozone for sterilization is very beneficial, and the residual amount is generally controlled in 0.05-0.5mg/L. The sterilization and disinfection of ozone is instantaneous. When the concentration of ozone in pure water reaches 0.3-2 mg/L, it can kill bacteria within 0.5-1min. When the turbidity of water is less than 5 mg/L, the impact on ozone disinfection and sterilization is very minimal.

Application of ozone generator in water treatment industry and ozone dosage

Application industry Add g / m3 Application purpose
dual water supply

purified water

mineral water

Tap water and secondary pressurized water supply

Food, beverage, and dairy products

3 Ozone is used in drinking water, in addition to sterilization, but also has decolorization, stripping, algae control, improve water quality, taste, environmental protection without residue can also avoid the secondary pollution brought by chlorine dioxide.
Pool water 1-2 Disinfection and decompose humus in water; improve water quality; stabilize pH; decompose organic matter in water and eliminate chloride side effects.
Hospital sewage 10-20 Efficient, rapid disinfection and sterilization, kill all kinds of microorganisms.
Water reuse 5-10 Sterilization, disinfection, sterilization, decolorization, to the flavor, no secondary pollution
industrial effluent According to the industry Rapid decomposition of cyanide, phenol and other organic fuels in wastewater to remove color and flavor, remove harmful substances, reduce COD
Industrial cooling water 0.5-1 Bicit sterilization, eliminate algae
ozone generator for pool
ozone swimming pool

 Calculation of the ozone demand

Oamount required for water treatment g / L=1.06 coefficient ozone dosage g / m3Water volume: m3/h.

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