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There are many ways to solve the shortage of water resources, such as building water conservancy facilities, transferring water across river basins, saving water in production and life, recycling water, and desalinating seawater.
Compared with other methods, seawater desalination has many advantages.
Below we will mainly introduce the main advantages of seawater desalination equipment.

Main advantages of seawater desalination equipment:

(1) Adopting reverse osmosis water treatment machine separation technology for seawater desalination and desalination, which is an internationally recognized advanced seawater desalination technology so far.

(2) The machine is produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the CBT3751-1995 ship industry standard and meets the use requirements of CCS classification society, and can be used stably under complicated ship navigation conditions.

(3) It can be operated at room temperature (5-40°C), with excellent water production, low energy consumption and low cost.

(4) It can be designed according to the particularity of the ship to achieve small size, light weight, low land occupation, convenient installation, and strong adaptability.
It can be installed in narrow spaces such as engine room, deck, ship cabin, aisle, etc.
Frame pipes and fittings are made of 316 (high pressure) stainless steel and corrosion-resistant PPR material (low pressure).
The power supply is widely applicable (220-380-415V/50HZ/60HZ/three-phase).

(5) Our company has established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with world-renowned brand manufacturers.
Product parts are directly supplied, with stable quality, safety and reliability, and international leading technology to ensure that the quality of fresh water produced meets the national drinking water quality standard (GB5749-2006).
The core components of the equipment-high-pressure pumps and membrane elements are provided with global joint warranty services.

(6) The pretreatment device adopts multi-way valve technology to avoid frequent cleaning and environmental pollution.

(7) The operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, electricity and sea water are available, and fresh water is produced immediately after startup.

(8) Professionals guide equipment installation, debugging and operation.

Sea water desalination equipment project for island


ROAGUA is a technological industry that specializes in the development, production and sales of marine and land-use reverse osmosis seawater and brackish water desalination equipment.
The marine and land-use seawater desalination equipment currently produced has been widely used in offshore drilling platforms, ocean fishing, cargo ships, and islands.
If you have any questions about desalination equipment, please leave a message or call us.

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