MBR Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment


MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor), is a new waste water treatment equipment combining advantages of UF system and biological reactor. Activated sludge and microorganism in it will absorb and resolve organic pollutant in waste water, leave pure water. UF membrane is to separate water and mud, can replace second setting pond. Meanwhile, membrane keeps activated sludge microorganism in biological reactor for long time, make a high biological concentration which means high oxygenation efficiency of microorganism to organics.

Product Benefit

  • 1. High quality output water
    It doesn’t need other solid liquid separation equipment as membrane has already removed SS and colloid, output water can be reused without further treatment.
  • 2.Small space
    High biological concentration in reactor improved the volume, high efficiency of membrane reduces the water residence time, reduce its cover space. Besides, as MBR do not need setting pond and specialized workshop, it’s about 60% of traditional solution on size.
  • 3. Low operating cost
    MBR reduces the running time and power consumption of aeration device, save much money. And using membrane to remove germs, do not need additional sterilize chemical and flocculant and other chemicals, lower the operating cost.

Product Feature


  • Municipal MBR
  • Industrial MBR
  • Waste water treatment in aquaculture plants
  • Treatment and reuse of pharmaceutical waste water
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