Electrodeionization EDI Systems ultrapure water for lab


EDI water treatment helps to ensure that each part of the system is well integrated. The end result is an ultra-clean solution that meets all your requirements, because EDI is very demanding in terms of water intake, therefore, it is usually necessary to use a double pass reverse osmosis system in combination with other purification equipment to remove ions from the water flow before using EDI equipment. Our high quality modules continue to produce ultra pure water up to 18.2 m ω/cm. EDI can run continuously or intermittently. Electrodeionization is a green solution for deionization of water. Without costly chemical maintenance and almost no downtime, electrodeionization devices are the future of Deionization.


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Product Benefit

  • The use of electric deionization (EDI) equipment can meet the needs of ultra pure water. EDI process replaces the traditional DI mixed resin bed to produce deionized water.
  • EDI modules are small in size and weight on average. Unlike DI resins, EDI water purification systems do not require downtime to replace the resin bed or use chemicals for resin regeneration. EDI can therefore minimize water quality problems and operating costs.
  • EDI has become the preferred solution, with lower operating costs and fewer maintenance requirements making it an economic and efficient choice for twin bed polishing. Less maintenance also means less facility requirements and management oversight, which saves on additional labor costs.
  • EDI water purification systems use a compact footprint.

Product Feature

  • Small, compact top brand EDI modules
  • Produces water up to 18 MΩ-cm
  • Easy and limited maintenance
  • No chemicals required
  • Control unit with monitoring capability


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