Double pass RO system with EDI system for hospital medical


This is 500LPH double pass RO system with EDI, apply in Pharmaceutical Industry.
It can be produce ultra pure water 15-18 MΩ.cm
Below is feed water quality request before EDI:
1.Inlet water :1.conductivity less than 10us/cm)
2.hardness ≤1ppm(by CaCO3) matter :TOC when <0.5ppm,can not be checked
4.heavy metal: ion< 0.01ppm Fe 、Mn 、transitional metals
5.silicon < 0.5ppm(by SiO2 )

In that case, the raw water should be treated by RO water treatment system.

Flow chart reference:

Product Benefit

  • These systems can achieve product quality of up to 18MΩ
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Easy to expand Modular design.
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • Compact frame
  • Factory testing to ensure trouble-free operation

Product Feature

  • 1.Continuous running water production, high degree of automation.
  • 2.No chemical regeneration, easy operation and maintenance.
  • 3.RO system uses imported Dow Membrane
  • 4.Water shortage automatic start, no water or full water automatic shutdown
  • 5.RO membrane auto wash and reduce the pollution speed.
  • 6.The low-pressure switch protects the high-pressure pump from water cut-off damage
  • 7.Continuous on-line monitoring of water quality by water conductivity meter for production
  • 8.Input Water and concentrated water pressure gauge, monitor RO differential pressure, remind backwash time


  • Laboratory Water
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
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