5 Gallon water bottle filling machine


The 5-gallon automatic bottling machine is used to fill drums with mineral water, distilled water, and purified water. Bottled water filling machine with its compact structure and highly automated technology and reliable, efficient work. The bottled water filling machine is a fully automatic bottled water production equipment which combines machine, electronic and pneumatic components.

The 5 gallon bottled water filling machine can come in a variety of models to provide a production capacity of 60 to 900B/h.


The main equipment of the 5-gallon bottled water filling machine consists of 304 stainless steel frame, 304 stainless steel pipe, pump, cylinder, transmission and electrical components. The utility model has the integral functions of automatic cleaning, filling and capping, and the filling quantity is accurate. The length of empty bottle conveyor and full bottle conveyor can be designed according to the buyer’s workshop.

Product Benefit

  • The automatic filling machine is easy to operate
  • Fully automatic filling machine is cheap
  • Automatic flushing — automatic bottling —— automatic filling machine

Product Feature

  • Specifically designed to fill 3 to 5 gallons of bottled water.
  • This is a good line for bottles of all shapes and sizes.
  • This machine is designed for PVC and other bottles. Pe. Pet, etc. . Can be used in different shapes of bottles.
  • The production line is equipped with stainless steel flushing nozzle, pressure filling valve, capping machine, hot steam film shrink and other top-quality production lines.
  • Filling time is controlled by PLC..
  • The machine is made of high quality stainless steel frame
  • The machine design looks beautiful, easy to operate, maintenance, stable work


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