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Most household water purifiers or water purifiers of the first stage of the cartridge is PP filter  cartridge. The first stage of the cartridge will not only directly affect the water quality, but also affect the filtration effect and service life of the last three or four stages of the cartridge, so PP filter cartridge is very important to the water purifier. Let us first understand the PP filter  cartridge, and then judge the time to replace the PP filter:

Introducing PP filter filter cartridge.

Polypropylene filter is a kind of fiber filter made of polypropylene (a plastic raw material, also known as polypropylene material). Polypropylene filter pore size is uniform and dense, the filtration precision can reach 1 micron, mainly used for filtering impurities above 1 micron in tap water. In addition, the filtration process of polypropylene filter cartridge is from the outer layer to the inner layer, close to the inner layer of the cartridge, the pore size is less. The higher the precision of the filter is also.

Functions and features

  1. To the rust in the water. Sediment. Effective filtration of large particles such as insect eggs.
  2. High filtration flow rate and low differential pressure;
  3. No chemical adhesive, more hygienic and safe;
  4. Resistant to acid. Alkali. Organic solution. Oil, good chemical stability;
pp filter cartridge

How often should I replace it?

Since the PP filter cartridge belongs to the first level of the water purifier, most of the impurities will be filtered at this level, and the more impurities are filtered, the easier the cartridge will be clogged. Therefore, the service life of PP filter cartridge is very short. The cartridge may need to be replaced in a shorter period of time in areas with poorer water quality, and it is recommended that areas with better water quality do not exceed six months.

Therefore, if you purchase a home water purifier that contains a PP filter cartridge, it is recommended that you replace the cartridge every 3-6 months to avoid secondary contamination and the effects of cartridge filtration.


PP filter cartridge has four sizes, respectively, 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, 40 inches, we must understand the size of the original PP filter cartridge of the water purifier when buying and replacing the PP filter cartridge of the water purifier.

PP filter cartridge pore size is uniform and dense.PP filter cartridge is in the first stage, mainly because it can first intercept the large particles and impurities in the tap water.PP filter also has a lot of advantages, which is why it is placed in the first stage of filtration.

5 stage filter
  1. All kinds of particulate matter in the water can be effectively removed.

Water flows from the outside to the inside of the PP filter, and the closer it gets to the cartridge through layers of filtration, the smaller the pore size and the higher the filtration precision. When particles and impurities through the PP cartridge hole, even particles smaller than the hole will be blocked. Through the PP filter, the various particles and impurities in the filtrate will be removed.

  1. Depth structure of large multi-layer depth structure.

PP filter cartridge outer layer of fibers thicker, while the inner layer of fibers thinner, the outer layer of fibers relatively loose, while the inner layer of fibers relatively loose, the inner layer of fibers relatively tight, the formation of a gradual gradient gradually tightened multi-layer gradient structure. Each layer of this multi-layer structure can be intercepted, the impurities in the water, many layers together, the amount of sewage will be very large.

  1. Filtration flow rate is large, small differential pressure.

Unlike traditional fabrics, polypropylene fibers have a larger specific surface area and higher porosity, polypropylene fibers rely on self-adhesive intertwined to form a three-dimensional curvature and microporous structure of the curvature and microporous structure of the more small holes can make the water pass through the polypropylene quickly, without making the height of the internal and external water difference is too large, so not only filtering flow is large, but also a small differential pressure.

  1. No chemical binders.

Polypropylene is melt-sprayed. Pulling . Receiving technology, so that the polypropylene fibers rely on their own adhesive intertwined to form different shapes and sizes of polypropylene cartridge.PP filter cartridge bonding does not require the use of other materials. Because the chemical composition of PP is clean and meets the food hygiene standards, so it will not cause secondary pollution to the liquid to be filtered, safer to use.

  1. Resistant to acid and alkali. Organic solutions . Oil, good chemical stability.

Polypropylene is closely related to the chemical stability of PP filter. Polypropylene has good chemical stability, relatively stable to other chemical agents, in addition to concentrated sulfuric acid. Concentrated nitric acid erosion.

In summary, PP filter cartridge set surface, deep, coarse and fine cartridge in one, with a large flow rate, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance and other characteristics, coupled with its cost is not high, so it is widely used in the water purification system, and in the water purifier to undertake the first pass of the water purification task.

PP filter and carbon filter

PP filter cartridge quality is determined by the tightness of its fibers, high-quality PP filter cartridge internal fibers tight and uniform, PP filter cartridge belongs to the first level of the water purifier cartridge, this level will filter out more than 80% of the impurities, the more impurities filtered, the easier the cartridge is clogged.

Therefore, the service life of PP filter cartridge is very short. The cartridge may need to be replaced in 3 to 4 months, and the best thing to do in areas with good water quality is not to exceed 6 months.

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