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Our daily use of tap water through a variety of filtration, removal of large particles in the water and sterilization means, by the water plant to test the water can meet the national standards, and then through a large number of pipes and pressurized reservoirs, discharged to each household.

Before the water is discharged to each household, the water pipeline has passed through a complex lot, which can cause some water pipelines broken and not repaired, resulting in a small part of the water pipeline and some sewage pipes intersect, resulting in the pollution of the tap water, such as some residential buildings in the discharge of the water pipeline to the kitchen before some pipes actually have to go through the toilet discharge to the kitchen water.

Because the water pipeline around the breakage and infiltration and again pressurized reservoir rarely sterilization, after a long time of sedimentation, there is a lot of dirt under the reservoir, and the water pipeline generated a rust, etc.

These will cause pollution to the tap water, through the professional sector inspection, found some like: rust, lead, phenol, these lead to harmful to human health microorganisms and residual pesticides are The degree of pollution is shocking. If we use and drink it for a long time, it may cause stomach and intestinal stones, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and many other symptoms.

water treatment equipment

We generally think that tap water boiled can be safe to drink, but boiled water to drink just does not cause gastrointestinal discomfort, stomach pain, tap water after boiling, is not able to remove the water rust, lead, phenol, which leads to harmful microorganisms and residual pesticides, so that we have long used and drink water is very unclean.

Water treatment equipment, simply speaking, is through a variety of physical and chemical means, to remove some of the production, life does not need harmful substances in the water, this type of water filtration and purification equipment.

As social production, life and water are closely related, therefore, the field of water treatment involves a wide range of applications, constituting a huge industrial applications.

Types of water treatment equipment


At present, there are many water treatment products in the market, such as: reverse osmosis pure water equipment, EDI / mixed bed ultrapure water equipment, ion exchange pure water equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, softening desalination equipment, seawater desalination equipment, water reuse equipment, wastewater reuse equipment, precision filtration equipment, water treatment equipment accessories, water treatment equipment supplies solar photovoltaic ultrapure water equipment, well water filtration equipment, car urea equipment, but the use of water treatment equipment to be based on Different situations, according to the customer’s water consumption and design requirements to choose, can not be generalized.

The following drinking water treatment equipment, drinking water treatment equipment according to the use of different materials, the use of different cartridges, the use of different methods are divided into pure water machine, water purifier, water softener.


Water treatment equipment pure water RO machine


Water purifier RO system is a kind of water treatment equipment in the market for a short time, but its appearance has been more and more consumers praise, especially by the water dispenser users, because it eliminates the cost of buying barrels of water and the tedious transport of barrels of water for people.

The biggest difference between a water purifier and a drinking fountain is that the water source of the drinking fountain is the barrel of water bought from outside, while the water purifier system is directly connected to the tap of your own home, making your own pure water.

water purifier RO system

Water purifier RO system are used in the United States reverse osmosis technology, the use of imported reverse osmosis membrane.

This technology was widely used in medicine (such as kidney disease hemodialysis), electronics, space (astronaut body fluid circulation), desalination of seawater and other high-tech fields, and in recent years the use of this technology has been developed for home use in the private water purification equipment.

Its working principle is to apply a certain pressure to the water, so that water molecules and ionic mineral elements through the reverse osmosis membrane, while most of the inorganic salts (including heavy metals), organic matter and bacteria, viruses, etc.

dissolved in the water can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, so that the permeated pure water and the concentrated water can not be permeated strictly separate; the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001 microns, while the diameter of the virus The pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001 microns, while the diameter of the virus is generally 0.02-0.4 microns, and the diameter of common bacteria is 0.4-1 microns, so you can feel free to drink pure water machine out of the spring.

Water purifier RO system can not only impurities, rust, sediment, colloid, bacteria, viruses, but also harmful radioactive particles, organic matter, fluorescent matter, pesticides, but also the nasty water alkali and heavy metals to ensure that you boil water without water alkali, while ensuring the health of the family.

Water Treatment Equipment Water Purifier 


There are many types of water purifiers, according to the number of cartridges used is divided into coarse filter water purifier: generally use PP melt blown fiber, activated carbon, there is a level of filter water purifier, two filter water purifier, three filter water purifier, four filter water purifier and five filter water purifier.

At the same time, according to the use of different central technology is also divided into coarse filtration, hollow fiber precision filtration, ceramic cartridge precision filtration. It mainly depends on what kind of cartridge is used.

According to the different cartridges, water purifiers can filter out impurities, rust, some bacteria, viruses, colloids, etc. in tap water, but the role of heavy metals and water alkali is not very large, some water purifiers simply can not drive away heavy metals and water alkali.

So that the water purifier can achieve part of the user’s requirements, but still did not achieve the purpose of direct drinking, it is best to boil in drinking.

Features: no motor, no power supply, driven by water pressure filtration. No water storage tank, better for five-stage filtration, the first stage for PP fiber filter, the second and third stage for activated carbon, the fourth stage for hollow fiber membrane or ceramic filtration, the fifth stage for post-activated carbon, mainly for improving the taste

Water Treatment Equipment Water Softener


Water softener into the market is not very long, but many users are very fond of it, water softeners use ion exchange method can soften water quality, completely drive away water alkali, and the amount of water, the whole family can achieve the purpose of softening water.

Water softener in working condition, the water containing calcium and magnesium ions through the resin with sodium ions, calcium and magnesium ions instead of sodium ions and adsorbed on the resin, the water containing sodium ions out of the water softener and become “soft water”, until all the resin surface are occupied by calcium and magnesium ions, can no longer be exchanged.

The regeneration of the water softener resin is carried out with a dilute solution of non-iodized salt and water.

The working process of water production, water injection, salt absorption and backwashing of the automatic water softener is completely controlled by the computer control head and operates fully automatically without the need for a person to operate it.

With soft water, water cups, teapots, bathtubs and buckets no longer breed limescale and are easier to clean.

The water pipes in your home no longer build up limescale, the water heater has a longer service life, and the flow of hot water does not get smaller and smaller because of longer use.

The use of soft water can reduce the use of detergent and soap and other detergent supplies, which can greatly reduce the cost of plumbing maintenance, which can increase the life of clothes by 32% compared to washing in hard water, and clothes are less likely to yellow after washing, white shirts are whiter, blue shirts are bluer, and colors are more vibrant.

And ladies often use soft water bathing has a very good beauty effect (senior beauty salons are now using soft water for customers to do beauty) using soft water can make your daily chores time reduced, to free you from the heavy housework.

water softener system

Water softeners can be divided into time type, flow type according to the use of controllers, and overall and split type according to appearance. According to the degree of automation of the controller used can be divided into manual type (semi-automatic), fully automatic type.

Function: Mainly water softening, remove water alkali in the water, not directly drinkable, belongs to the domestic water, such as bathing, beauty, etc.. Water softener can not drive away impurities, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals in the water, its role is to drive away the water alkali.

In addition to drinking water treatment equipment, there are other industries used in water treatment equipment, widely used in chemical, electronic semiconductor, pharmaceutical, glass, electroplating, electronics, fine chemical, ultrapure water treatment equipment, factory drinking water equipment, food and beverage, paper, printing and dyeing textile, municipal environmental protection and other industries.

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