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Quartz sand filter system:

A quartz sand filter system (referred to as a sand filter) is, as the name implies, a filter filled with quartz sand. Quartz sand filter is generally used as a pretreatment for pure water equipment and mineral water equipment, and it mainly retains and adsorbs sediment, colloid, metal ions, and organic matter through the filter media.

In the purification of water treatment and sewage treatment are commonly used, because of their non-polluting, inexpensive, and low operating costs, so the application is more widespread, common filters are stainless steel 304 material, carbon steel material, glass fiber material, generally internal epoxy or rubber-lined anti-corrosion treatment, water distribution system on the water distribution common flared water distribution, hanging basket water distribution, under the water distribution of flat cloth, dome plate water distribution, stainless steel pipe type water distribution, water distribution cap has ABS mushroom head.

Cloth water cap has ABS mushroom head and stainless steel cylindrical wire-wound water cap cloth water, because to take into account the backwashing of quartz sand filter, so the general water cloth flux is usually about three times the running flow.

The main features of quartz sand filter systems:

The quartz sand filter system has a simple structure, and it is convenient to run backwashing, mainly by adjusting 4 valves, so that the direction of the water changes, and the operation is up into the bottom, and the backwashing is down into the top, and then the backwashing sewage is discharged through the sewage valve, and then through the positive washing, until the water is clear and clean, filling quartz sand should be noted: the interceptor layer quartz sand specification 0.5-1.0mm, the height is more than 700mm, and there are 2 layers of support layer under the 1-2mm filling height at 150-200mm, 2-3mm filling height at 150-200mm.

The interception capacity is 0.5-1.0Kg/m3 for untreated water, 1.5-2.0 Kg/m3 for lime-treated water, and 2.5-3.0 Kg/m3 for coagulated water. /m3.

Quartz sand filter system and other system comparison

Quartz sand filter system and other system comparison:

The quartz sand filter has a strong dirt interception ability compared with activated carbon, especially the rate of removing fine particles such as sediment is high, and the price is low, a ton of quartz sand in the market is about $200, while a ton of activated carbon costs about $1400.

Compared with fiber ball filter, quartz sand filter is easy to operate, it only needs backwashing and positive washing, while fiber ball filter needs a stirring motor in addition to backwashing and positive washing, which is more difficult to operate. And quartz sand system is easier to backwash, while the fiber ball is easy to clump and not easy to backwash. Fiber ball regeneration requires stirring, which increases the loss of electricity and raises the operating cost, and the price of fiber ball is more expensive, with an average price of about $10 per kilogram.

Quartz sand filter system scope of application:

Applicable to drinking water filtration systems and other water purification treatment, more suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining, metallurgy, thermoelectric power, printing and dyeing, leather, food, agriculture, and other production water pre-treatment and circulating water treatment, as well as the recycling of sewage.

Quartz sand filter systems technical parameters:

1、Designed filter speed: 8-12m/hour When the head loss is around 5m, backwashing regeneration is required (generally by reading the inlet and outlet pressure difference at 0.005MP).

2, Backwashing intensity: 10-15L/sec – square meters.

3, Rinsing time: 5-7 minutes

4, Inlet water pressure: ≥ 0.04Mpa backwash inlet water pressure: ≥ 0.15Mpa

5, Expansion rate of 25%-50%.

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