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How long can ultra-pure water be stored?

As the preparation speed and efficiency of ultra-pure water machine is far higher than the traditional pure water preparation standard, it has become one of the necessary equipment for the preparation of pure water in the laboratory, different ultrapure water machines can produce different pure water quality.

Although there are many brands and models of ultrapure water machines in the laboratory, most of them are the same, so how long can pure water be preserved?

The production speed of ultrapure water machine is much faster than that of traditional equipment for making pure water. It has become one of the equipment for making water in laboratories of various water-using industries. Although the quality of ultrapure water produced by different ultrapure water machines varies, but in the water quality maintenance is basically the same, so from the ultra-pure water machine of the water can be maintained for how long, Let’s talk about it in detail.

In general, the higher the laboratory purity of water, the less easy to store too long, to 18.2MΩ.cm of ultra-pure water, the longer the better the drop in the more severe, usually 1 hour of ultra-pure water on the resistivity to 4MΩ.cm, PH is reduced to about 5.7, but also due to environmental impact, the water will be the rapid growth of micro-organisms.

So usually ultra-pure water is not long after being extracted, should follow the use of the concept of disposable.

At the same time in order to ensure the quality of pure water and ultra-pure water, we should pay attention to the following points:

1.ultra-pure water machine should be 7-10 days for a water, flushing, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.
2. long-term do not apply to the case of the need to pure water machine, water tank of water all empty.
3. When the ultrapure water machine takes water, the initial pure water and ultrapure water should be discharged, and the water quality should be stabilized before taking water.
4. Do not place the water purifier and storage tank in direct sunlight to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Above is the ultra-pure water machine after the water can be stored time, users need to have a certain understanding, in order to better use of equipment, and do not waste the water made

How long can ultra-pure water be stored

How to reduce the growth of microorganisms in ultra-pure water machine?

Ultra-pure water machine in the use of a long time, because of the sealed environment, with the use of time, resulting in the final ultra-pure water machine made of pure water and ultra-pure water over the standard, is there a way to reduce the breeding of microorganisms in ultra-pure water machines?

There are several reasons for the microorganism breeding in ultra-pure water machine:

1.Water seeping in the sealed environment due to bad contact, resulting in the internal environment being affected by external microorganisms and breeding bacteria.
2.The long-term failure to replace the consumables results in the accumulation of microorganisms on the reverse osmosis membrane, which leads to the increase of microorganisms and the decrease of water quality.
3.long-term unused ultra-pure water machine, placed under the state of microbial growth.
4.The poor quality of the influent water leads to the quick depletion of the consumables in the pretreatment system, and finally leads to the quick reproduction of the microorganism.

How to reduce the growth of microorganisms in ultra-pure water machine

Can reduce the ultra-pure water machine microbial growth in the following ways:

1. Often ensure that the regular cycle of ultra-pure water machine, so that the pipeline into the flow of water cycle.
2.Regular replacement of consumables, regular inspection of water quality, when the water quality is not qualified for timely replacement, can effectively reduce the growth of microorganisms.

Maintenance mode of water quality of ultra-pure water machine

Pure water machine to remove the quality of water, not only to see the pure water equipment, but also depends on how we use the process in the daily correct operation to maintain the quality of ultra-pure water.

Here’s how ultra-pure water maintains its water quality:

Maintenance mode of water quality of ultra-pure water machine

1.The storage barrel of the pure water machine shall be equipped with an air filter to prevent air from penetrating into the storage barrel through the intake port and causing water pollution.
2.Ultra-pure water is easy to be polluted by environmental factors, so it is best to use the water as soon as possible to reduce the contact between ultra-pure water and the environment.
3.Storage tanks for ultra pure water machines should be kept away from direct sunlight.
4.Ultra pure water stored in buckets for long periods of time should be avoided as far as possible to prevent water quality degradation due to long periods of storage.
5.When drawing water from ultra-pure water, the original ultra-pure water shall be drained and then drawn with water containers.
6.long time do not use pure water machine, should be the pressure storage bucket of pure water all let go, in order to prevent pollution.
7.The water purifier needs to be pumped once a week to prevent bacterial contamination.
8.When taking water, you should try to avoid creating blisters that will affect the water quality.

What is the resistivity of water and the conductivity of water?

In the water treatment industry we often hear conductivity, resistivity to indicate the purity of water, then conductivity, resistivity is what?

What do they represent? How to test conductivity and resistivity?

Today we bring you water conductivity and resistivity measurement content and way.

The electrical resistivity of water is defined as the resistance between two opposite sides of a 1 cm cube at a given temperature, in Ω.cm and MΩ.cm. The electrical conductivity is the reciprocal of the resistivity in S/cm (or μs/cm) .

The electrical resistivity (or conductivity) of water reflects the amount of salt in the water.

Is an important indicator of the purity of water, the higher the purity of water, the lower the salt content, the greater the water resistivity (the lower the conductivity) .

The resistivity (or electrical conductivity) of water is affected by the purity of water, temperature and various factors in the measurement.

The measurement of the resistivity (or electrical conductivity) of pure water is a dynamic measurement, the temperature compensation method is used to convert the measured value into the resistivity at 25 °C for easy measurement and comparison.

When measuring resistivity or conductivity, connect the conductivity electrode or measuring device to the water-making system.

Pass water to drive out the air bubble in the pipeline measuring device and the conductivity cell, adjust the water flow rate (generally not less than 0.3 m/s) , and install the thermometer at the outlet of the conductivity cell, operate the conductivity meter (preheating, zero setting, calibration and measurement) according to the instrument instruction.

Record the water temperature and conductivity value after the instrument reading is stable.

On-line measurements should be made using a conductivity meter with a thermometer compensation that reads the conductivity value at 25 °C directly.

The reciprocal of the conductivity is the value of the resistivity.

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