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Many customers in the use of large capacity water softener systems will not meet the installation conditions and have a series of failure problems. Then the installation of a large capacity water softener system needs to meet what conditions?


large capacity water softener system


Installation of large capacity water softener system needs to meet the following conditions.

1, Source water hardness ≤ 8mmol/L (if the source water hardness is >8mmol/L, a new design is required)

2, The equipment should be installed on a solid cement platform, and a drainage ditch should be provided nearby.

3, The placement of the salt tank should be close to the resin tank, and try to shorten the length of the salt suction pipe.

4, A large capacity water softener system must be placed indoors, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 2 ℃ or higher than 50 ℃, humidity should be less than 95%, this is limited to the temperature at 25 ℃.

5, Stable power supply, the general value of 220V50Hz or 380V 50HZ.

6, Large capacity water softener system and heating equipment directly connected, should maintain more than 3 meters of the pipe section and install a check valve.

7, To facilitate the replenishment of regeneration, regeneration for non-iodized industrial salt.

8, If the use of underground well water or surface water as a water softening set of water, it is recommended that the user install a suitable micron filtration system in front of the equipment to prevent the resin from being contaminated by deep good sediment or other impurities, resulting in a significant decrease in the service life of the resin.

The above is the installation of a large capacity water softener system needs to meet the conditions of the introduction, so in order to use the results of a large water softener system, we are installing a large water softener system, we must pay attention to check whether to meet these installation conditions!

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