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EDI water system module life is limited, whether it is imported or domestic EDI, we all know that when used normally, EDI water system life is about 3-5 years.

In the process of EDI maintenance, we often receive cases of half a year, 1 year is broken, which is not limited to imported brands and domestic brands. So what are the causes of EDI module damage?

EDI module

We are here to organize a few of our maintenance often encountered several reasons:

  1. EDI water system does not produce water, or does not produce water.

① inlet water residual chlorine exceeds the standard, resulting in EDI resin broken, blocking the channel, resulting in a drop in water production;

② module is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, resulting in the internal structure of EDI;

③ water shortage operation, which directly leads to module dry burning deformation;

Second, the EDI water system operating voltage is very high, and the current cannot be adjusted.


① EDI internal scaling, resulting in higher voltage and lower water quality and quantity;

② water hammer phenomenon in equipment operation, resulting in uneven distribution of resin inside EDI leading to higher voltage;

EDI control panel

Third, EDI water system produced water resistivity is not up to standard.


①The incoming water conductivity is not up to standard, and the incoming water conductivity is too high;

②The incoming water PH value is not within the appropriate range;

③ whether the EDI operating current is open too low or too high;

In response to the above problems, we should pay attention to the following points in the process of normal use:

  1. Water quality protection

1, check the incoming water quality, the equipment is retrofitted with water conductivity meter, regular monitoring of the conductivity of the incoming water quality (check whether there are any abnormalities in the instrument probe);

2, also need to regularly monitor the residual chlorine in the water, you can use the residual chlorine test agent test, exceed the recommended increase in redox treatment or replacement of activated carbon (residual chlorine is very high or activated carbon adsorption failure)

3, the water PH value is recommended to maintain in the range of 6.5-9, the water quality is best weak alkaline;

EDI water system control panel

Second, the operation of the EDI water system to ensure

1, regular cleaning and maintenance of the EDI module to ensure stable operation of the equipment;

2, it is recommended that the EDI module host independent, integrated although beautiful, but the system stability is relatively not so good;

3, the different tonnage of EDI modules matched to the appropriate operating current

EDI water system
RO EDI flow chart

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