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In the selection of pipeline material for reverse osmosis machine, internal and external issues should be considered. The internal is the corrosion of the pipeline by the water quality, and the external is the operating environment. The operating environment of the reverse osmosis machine determines the external corrosion of the pipeline. If the operating environment is good, the surface coating (such as paint or galvanizing, etc.) is generally used. The corrosion of water quality to pipelines should consider residual chlorine, chemicals, PH value, temperature, etc. We generally use UPVC, stainless steel and so on.

inlet solenoid valve

 1 .   Inlet solenoid valve


The pressure range of the inlet solenoid valve is 0—-10kg/cm

Its main function is to automatically cut off the path between the raw water and the membrane when the reverse osmosis machine t is shut down to achieve the purpose of stopping the water flow.

Pressure gauge for Raw Water

2 .   Pressure gauge for Raw Water


The pressure source is provided by the raw water pump, and the range is about 3bar.

Pressure gauge behind the security filter

3 .   Pressure gauge behind the security filter (150—OPSI) and pressure gauge in front of the pump


This Pressure gauge mainly displays the pressure of the raw water before entering the pump. This pressure gauge can be observed in conjunction with the pressure gauge of the raw water supply system to determine whether the security filter element is invalid or whether it should be cleaned. When the pressure difference is large (more than 60PSI), It indicates that the filter element should be cleaned. If it still fails to meet the requirements after cleaning, it should be replaced.


4 .   Pressure gauge before membrane and concentrated water (0—-400 PSI)


The pressure gauge in front of the membrane shows the water pressure when the water enters the membrane, and the concentrated water pressure gauge shows the pressure from the outlet of the last membrane to the concentrated water regulating valve. These two pressure gauge cooperate to observe, you can know the pressure difference, which is very important in actual operation. When adjusting the operating parameters, the system pressure should be adjusted based on the pressure gauge in front of the membrane, especially when the system pressure is at the upper limit and the membrane pressure difference is large, this point should be paid more attention to.

Pressure gauge

5 .   Pressure Switch


The function of the pressure switch is a protection device that sets the water pressure to control the operation or stop of the host according to the system process requirements. When the raw water supply pressure is lower than the set value of the system, the pressure switch will automatically turn off the host to avoid water shortage in the high-pressure pump. When there is no water or when there is no water, it will run idly, causing damage to the pump,

Its lowest value is roughly set between 20—50PSI.

Pressure Switch

6 .   Conductivity meter or resistance meter


Its main function is to online display the water quality of pure water when the equipment is running, the unit is μs/cm or MΩ.


7 .   Concentrate control valve


This valve is an important component of the RO host. Its main function is to adjust the pressure in the membrane tube to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ratio of pure water to concentrated water. It is used in conjunction with the concentrated water recovery valve to better adjust the pressure in the membrane tube and the output of pure water. The valve should be opened to a certain extent before the equipment is turned on to prevent the pressure in the membrane from suddenly rising to exceed the limit when the equipment is started.

Concentrate control valve

8 .   Flush solenoid valve


Its main function is to flush the surface of the RO membrane regularly. When the system is running under high pressure, the flushing solenoid valve suddenly opens to reduce the pressure in the membrane tube, increase the flow rate in the membrane tube, and let the concentrated water flow through to achieve the purpose of washing the membrane surface. This is the RO host One of the important components, its specification is 3/4 inch inlet and outlet, low pressure membrane selects 0—10kg solenoid valve; high pressure membrane selects 0—16kg solenoid valve. When the equipment is running, the concentrated water control valve should be opened for 2-5 minutes every day when it is turned on, which can also play a role in flushing the membrane.

Flush solenoid valve

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