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Water treatment reverse osmosis plant high/low-pressure protection is to prevent RO high-pressure pump idle or in excess of the limit of high/low-pressure operation.


Water treatment reverse osmosis

The high-pressure switch is for high-pressure protection. When the pressure increases to a certain level, in order to protect the equipment and pipeline from breakage, a high-pressure switch is needed protection, and when the pressure increases to the preset value of the pressure switch, the equipment will be forced to stop.


The high pressure switch


Low-pressure switch, when the pressure inside the inlet pipe is low, the reverse osmosis membrane cannot work normally and will keep discharging wastewater, so when the inlet pressure does not reach the working requirement, it will cut off the circuit and let the machine stop working. When the pressure inside the inlet pipe reaches the working requirement, it will start working again.


How should the water treatment reverse osmosis pressure switch be commissioned?


The low-pressure switch has two adjustable screws, one is to adjust the reference pressure, generally 0-6bar, and one is to adjust the return pressure, generally, 0-2bar can be adjusted against with a screwdriver.


Common low-pressure switches always jump has two possibilities, one is the original water pressure fluctuations change more, and the other is the benchmark pressure in the original water pressure value near and back to the differential pressure is small.


Raw water pressure fluctuation solution:


Put the pretreatment equipment exhaust, and increase the feed pump outlet valve opening, so that the pressure of raw water is relatively larger, it is not easy to jump.


Raw water pressure fluctuation solution


Solution for small return pressure:


1, First observe the pressure of the equipment in normal operation, the benchmark pressure adjustment then it is slightly lower, such as pretreatment water pressure is 2.5 bar, then the benchmark pressure can be adjusted to 2 bar.


2, Set the low-pressure jump pressure value, for example, when the raw water pressure is lower than 1.5 bar when the pressure switch starts to jump, then the return pressure will be adjusted to 0.5 bar.


3, Although after adjustment, the accuracy of the adjustment is also different, so, according to the actual pressure with the situation to adjust until their own requirements, such as 2 bar pressure when the suction, 1.5 bar pressure will jump open (this time you can adjust the pressure adjustment by adjusting the high-pressure pump valve or the original pump outlet valve).


4, If you want to make the pressure back to a larger range, you can also adjust the differential pressure to 0.8-1.0bar, so that the pressure reaches 2bar when the suction, and in the pressure below 1bar when the jump opens.

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