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A) The switch is open, but the equipment does not start

1. Electrical wiring failure, such as bad insurance, wire off

2. Thermal protection components are not reset after the protection


  • Waterline under pressure, check the insurance, check the wiring everywhere
  • Thermal protection element reset
  • Check the water circuit, to ensure that the water pressure


B) After the equipment is started, the water inlet solenoid valve is not open

1. Wiring off

2. Internal mechanical failure of the solenoid valve

3. Solenoid valve coil bad


  • Check the wiring
  • Disassemble the solenoid valve for overhaul
  • Repair or replace the coil


C) The pump runs but does not reach the rated pressure and flow

1. Pump reversal

2. Security filter element dirty

3. Air in the pump

4. Flushing solenoid valve open


  • Rewire
  • Clean or replace the filter element
  • Exclude the air inside the pump
  • Adjust the pressure after flushing is completed
reverse osmosis water system

D) When the system pressure rises, the pump noise is large

1. Raw water flow is not enough

2. Raw water flow is unstable


  • Check the original pump and pipeline
  • Check the original pump and pipeline, check whether there is leakage in the pipeline


E) Solenoid valve is not closed after flushing

1. Solenoid valve control components and line failure

2. Solenoid valve mechanical failure


  • Check or replace components and lines
  • Disassemble the solenoid valve, repair or replace


F) Under-pressure shutdown

1. Insufficient supply of raw water

2. Security filter element blockage

3. Improper pressure adjustment, automatic flushing caused by underpressure


  • Check whether the original pump and pretreatment system is working
  • Clean and replace the cartridge
  • Adjust the system pressure to the best state, so that the post-filter pressure is maintained above 20psi


G) Concentrated water pressure does not reach the rated value

1. Pipeline leakage

2. The Flushing solenoid valve is not fully closed

3. Leakage of recovery system


  • Check and repair the pipeline
  • Check and replace the flushing solenoid valve
  • Check and repair the recovery system

H) The pressure is enough, but the pressure display is not in place

1. Foreign body blockage in the hose of the pressure gauge

2. There is air in the hose

3. Pressure gauge failure


  • Check and unclog the pipeline
  • Remove air
  • Replace the pressure gauge


I) Water quality deterioration

1. Membrane contamination, fouling

2. Membrane junction head seal aging failure


  • Chemical cleaning according to technical requirements
  • Replace the O-ring
  • Replace the membrane


J) Decrease in output capacity

1. Membrane pollution, scaling, and chemical cleaning according to technical requirements

2. Water temperature changes according to the actual water temperature recalculation to determine the water production.

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The high-pressure pump of the reverse osmosis plant may cause the unit to malfunction even if there is a very short interruption in operation.

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The main problem of reverse osmosis concentrated water is high calcium and magnesium plasma content and high hardness.

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