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1. Choice of installation method:


After selecting the stainless steel UF water purifier you need to buy, please consult customer service about the auxiliary parts plan.

The customer service will list the auxiliary parts plan for you in addition to the accessories attached to the machine according to the diameter, material, installation location and water use method of your household water pipe. Or after you purchase this water purifier, learn from the following introduction and purchase relevant pipes and accessories that match your water pipes.

The following only briefly introduces the general standard installation method.

The standard installation method of water purifier can be divided into four types: horizontal installation under the kitchen, vertical installation under the kitchen, outdoor horizontal installation, and outdoor vertical installation. Please choose the appropriate installation method according to your actual needs.


2. Choice of installation location:


1) Choose a location with water source and drain.
2) Choose a location with a solid wall to facilitate the fixation of the water purifier.
3) Choose to install in the main or branch according to the purpose of the purified water, but it must be installed after the water meter.


3. Installation note


The specific installation should be applied according to different models and water purification.

The specific installation should be applied according to different models and water purification

4. Install the water purifier


1) Remove the package, read the manual, and check the random accessories(see the packing list of the manual). If there is any discrepancy, please contact customer service
2) If fixed installation is required, select the installation location, and mark the fixed point according to the position of he screw hole of the fixed base. It is required to choose a strong wall for the fixing point, and pay attention to avoid the place where the wall material is loose and there are built-in pipes or power cords. It should be fixed near the two sides of the water purifier to prevent the water purifier from sliding under the action of gravity after installation.
3) Use an electric drill to make a hole at the marked position on the wall, and drive the expansion pin into the drilled hole.
4) The steel belt is inserted into the fixing seat to fix the water purifier.
5) It is best to use the vertical installation method for the water purification machine (the horizontal installation method can also be selected according to the site conditions).
6) Please install the water purifier in a place with a floor drain or smooth drainage to avoid accidental water leakage and cause property damage.

Leak inspection method of water purifier:

Slowly open the main tap water valve and slowly close the water point valve. After waiting for 5 minutes, press the joints with a paper towel. If the paper towel is not wet, it means that the seal is good.

Note: Please note for users to install by themselves:

The screw plugs of the three water inlets and outlets of the water purifier are only used for sealing during storage and transportation, and cannot be used as pressure-bearing parts in installation.

Using method

1. Complete the above installation work.
2. Turn on the tap water valve, slowly turn on the tap and water purification tap, and after filtering for 15 minutes, the purified water filtered by the ultrafiltration membrane can be obtained, which can be used for drinking, eating, and bathing.
3. Turn on the tap to rinse the water purifier. The rinse water can be used for washing hands, mopping the floor, watering flowers, etc.
4. Frequent flushing: The process of taking water from the tap faucet in daily use is the process of flushing the water purifier, which helps to improve the filtration efficiency and the service life of the ultrafiltration membrane.
5. It is recommended to take water from the tap for washing hands, mopping the floor, watering flowers, etc. every day. Each use is to rinse the water purifier once, so as to increase the service life of the ultrafiltration membrane of the water purifier.


1. When it is newly installed or reused after a long period of water failure, there will be a small amount of air in the water purifier, which should be removed in time. The presence of air will reduce the effective use area of the ultrafiltration membrane, thereby affecting the water production capacity of the water purifier
2. It is recommended to discharge for 10 seconds before using it for the first time every day or after the water is stopped, which can effectively exhaust the gas accumulated in the tap water pipe and the water purifier.
3. Once the ultrafiltration membrane in the water purifier is soaked, it should always be kept moist. If it is short of water or exposed to the air for a long time, the membrane filaments will dry, resulting in reduced flux or even unusable use.

In continuous use, the water purification capacity of the water purifier may slowly decay:

1. In order to ensure the stable operation of the water purifier, during use, please turn on the tap of the tap water outlet as much as possible to continuously flush the ultrafiltration membrane (you can use the fast switch, after 20 seconds, quickly turn off the tap for 5 seconds,
(The method of continuous washing multiple times)
2. When multiple flushing still fails to provide clean water flux, the following methods can be used:
A. Remove the water purifier, fill the water purifier with 2/3 of the volume of water, plug each nozzle with a plug, shake it hard for about 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water in the machine.
Repeat this 3 to 5 times, reinstall the water purifier, and rinse for 1 minute.
B. Contact our company’s customer service and send professionals to clean it.
3. It is recommended to rinse and remove the trapped substances in the water purifier before the
water purification flux of the water purifier attenuates by 30% to ensure the water production capacity
4. Due to the different water quality in different areas, it is recommended to strengthen the flushing frequency for areas with poor water quality.
5. When the water purification capacity of the water purifier is attenuated to affect your normal
water use, please contact customer service and send a professional to deal with it.

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