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Salt, resin and water softening system are closely related to the water softening system through the resin to soften the water, the resin through the water softening salt to restore the exchange function. Salt suction is the brine tank in a higher concentration of brine inhaled into the tank, flow through the resin, the hardness of the ion replacement, with the regeneration of waste liquid out of the tank. If there is a failure of salt absorption, it will affect the regeneration effect of the water softener, affecting the quality of water.

In this issue, we combined with the actual case, look at the water softening system does not absorb salt or absorb salt too slow to occur the reasons and methods of treatment, in order to quickly troubleshoot the actual use.

Possible reasons for not absorbing salt

  1. Inlet water pressure is too low
  2. Salt suction line blockage or salt suction pipe is too long
  3. Salt liquid tube is not sealed, so that the salt liquid tube air into the (bubbles generated)
  4. Jet clogged or faulty
  5. Control valve internal water run-off
  6. Poor drainage (drain pipe is too long, etc.)
  7. Water distributor is clogged with impurities
  8. Jet and drain flow restriction ring and tank mismatch
  9. Control valve with ball valve is not open the ball valve



  1. Set up a booster pump, adjust the water pressure to the pressure required by the control valve
  2. Check the pipeline, remove the blockage, the salt suction pipe as short as possible, do not use fine salt, so as to avoid clogging of the salt suction pipe
  3. Check and seal the salt liquid pipe joints
  4. Clean or replace the injector.
  5. Check and repair or replace the control valve.
  6. Check the drain line
  7. Clean the impurities (broken resin and sediment, etc.) that clog the water distributor
  8. According to the requirements of the instructions for the selection of jet and drain flow restriction ring
  9. Check and repair or replace the ball valve or connection line.

01 Salt suction line is too long

As shown in the figure below, the middle of the 63618 (N77A3) control valve salt suction line is too long (more than 3m), salt suction resistance, resulting in the control valve does not suck salt, while the right 63618 (N77A3) control valve (salt tank on the right) salt is normal.

Runxin valve

02 salt suction line clogging

Installed in an oil company’s water softening system, the user response to the regeneration of salt suction is slow, in the set salt suction time of 70 minutes after the brine has not been sucked to half. Open the salt suction device to check, found that the use of distributor as a salt valve, but due to too many impurities in the salt, as a salt valve of the distributor is seriously clogged, resulting in slow salt suction speed.

water softner system

03 Upper distributor clogging

A user of a set of 17610 (F88A) a standby water softening system, regeneration, the phenomenon of not sucking salt, after inspection found that the top distributor is suspended impurities and broken resin clogging, due to the control valve for the countercurrent regeneration, the top distributor clogging leads to not sucking salt. The broken resin in the tank is discharged out of the tank through backwashing (temporarily removing the upper top distributor), which restores the normal salt absorption.

top and bottom distributor

 04 Jet clogging

A user configuration for boiler feed water softened water treatment system, using 63510 (N74A1) control valve. After using the water softening system for a period of time, it was found that salt was not absorbed during regeneration.


Open the salt suction device, found that the jet was blocked by gravel, further inspection of the cause, found that the water softening system set before the filter in the sand filter system of the lower water filter damage, the filter material leakage, quartz sand into the water softening system, blocking the jet nozzle, resulting in no salt suction. After cleaning up, the salt absorption function was restored.


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