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Water softening plant’s water hardness exceeds the standard is a relatively common problem, today we combine the actual case, look at the water softening plant’s water hardness exceeds the standard reasons for the occurrence of and ways to deal with the actual use of rapid troubleshooting.

Possible reasons


  1. Bypass valve open or leakage
  2. Brinetank is too small or too little salt in the brine tank
  3. Clogging of injector

D.Insufficient replenishment of brine tank

  1. O-ring leakage in the center tube
  2. Valve body inside the water

G.Incorrect regeneration time setting or raw water quality

  1. Resin quantity is not enough
  2. Poor quality of raw water or flow meter impeller jammed
  3. Resin contamination or deterioration




  1. Close or repair the bypass valve.
  2. Ensure that the volume of the brine tank and the brinetank has enough solid salt
  3. Replace or clean the injector D. Insufficient brinetank fill water
  4. Check brinetank refill time and brine level after refill
  5. Ensure that the center tube and O-ring are not ruptured
  6. Check and repair the valve body or replace it.
  7. Correctly set and adjust the regeneration time or cycle of water production deteriorated
  8. Add resin to the appropriate level and find out the reason for resin loss.
  9. Reduce the turbidity of the influent water, clean or replace the flow meter.
  10. Increase backwash flow rate and time, clean the recovery resin or replace with new resin.

1. Center tube broken


Some customers reflect: water softening plant regeneration equipment into operation, there has been a phenomenon of excessive hardness of the water.

The water softening plant will be disassembled for maintenance, found that there are particles of impurities and welding slag scratches the center tube, leakage, a small part of the raw water into the outlet without softening, resulting in unqualified water.

Further inspection found that due to the use of iron pipe welding inlet pipe, the installation of welding slag in the pipeline is not clean, so that the water softening plant inlet water contains hard welding slag and small particles of impurities. During operation, the particles of impurities or welding slag into the upper water distributor, the use of a period of time after the regeneration of salt absorption slower.

pvc pipe

2. Center tube O-ring damage


A customer feedback, its use of a set of configurations RUNXIN 63610 (N74A3) control valve water softening plant, new installation and use of water that is unqualified.

Upon inspection, the center tube 0-ring was found to be damaged, but after replacing the new center tube 0-ring, the same problem existed. And then after careful examination, found that due to the center of the tube mouth is not chamfered, installation of the sharp edges of the tube mouth will be the center of the tube 0-ring cut, resulting in the mouth is not sealed, a small amount of raw water without the resin softening directly run into the water, so that the water hardness exceeds the standard. Center tube re-chamfered, replace the 0-ring, the problem can be solved.

3. Brinetank is too small


Installation of two sets of configuration 63640 (F112A3) control valve water softening plant, supporting the tank diameter of 1000mm, height 2400mm, filled with resin 1250L, two sets of systems through the interlock parallel water supply for the boiler equipment, regeneration of the two parallel systems share a 300L volume of brine tank. Customer reaction, water softening plant water hardness often exceeds the standard.

After technicians check, found that the system supporting the brine tank is too small. According to the salt consumption per liter of resin regeneration 120g calculation, 1250L resin regeneration needs salt 150Kg, dissolved into saturated brine 420L. brine tank volume is generally referred to the volume of full water, the actual volume of brine need to remove solid particles of salt volume and brine overflow to the top of the distance. Therefore, the general brine tank only 2 / 3 of the volume can hold saturated brine.

water softening plant

In this case, because the brine tank is too small, the brine tank can actually hold less than 200 liters of saturated brine, resulting in resin regeneration, the amount of salt is not enough, part of the resin is not effectively regenerated, and thus the hardness of the effluent exceeds the standard phenomenon. Generally speaking, a water softening plant with a resin volume of 125L needs to be equipped with a brine tank of more than 800L. For two sets of water softening plant operating in parallel, if the regeneration time can be staggered, a brine tank can be shared, but if regeneration needs to be carried out at the same time, each set needs to be equipped with a brine tank.

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