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commission water treatment plant

Reverse osmosis water treatment plant is divided into two parts, part of the pretreatment commissioning, part of the reverse osmosis host commissioning part, pretreatment is mainly positive and negative washing quartz sand, activated carbon, so that fine sand carbon and impurities flushed away, control the amount of incoming water, reverse osmosis host commissioning is mainly to adjust the incoming water, the flow of water and pressure, summed up as follows.

1、Analysis and testing of the water inlet of the device, the results show that the water inlet requirements are met before the device can be commissioned.

2、Adjust the pressure control system of high pressure pump.

3、Check whether the connection between all pipelines of the device is perfect, whether the pressure gauge is complete, whether the low pressure pipeline connection is tight and whether there is a shortage.

4、Open all the pressure gauge switch and total water inlet valve, concentrated Water discharge valve and produced water discharge valve.

5、Start the pre-treatment plant and adjust the water supply to be larger than the total water intake of the device.

6、Backwash and wash the sand carbon filter until the water is clear.

7、Start the high-pressure pump and slowly open the total water inlet valve of the device, control the total water inlet pressure of the device less than 0.5Mpa, flush for 5 minutes, and check whether the high and low pressure pipelines and instruments are normal.

8、Adjust the water inlet valve, concentrated Water discharge valve, so that the water pressure reaches 1.0 ~ 1.4Mpa.

9、Test the product water conductivity, open the product water valve when it meets the requirements, and close the water discharge valve.

10, RO device commissioning are manual single-step Cao group, after normal operation, before switching to automatic state, by the online instrumentation and PLC automatic control operation.

11、Start the regeneration system and see if the regeneration system works normally.

Reverse osmosis commissioning is the most important thing to note: remember to close the water valve and open the high-pressure pump, which will produce a lot of damage, so the commissioning must pay attention to whether the pipeline is in the same state to start the pump.

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